my favorite things

mama bear and I in Peggys


My family (my mother is above) is most important to me. Above all else, my family comes first. While this is just an image of my Mama and I, this includes my father, my baba bear, my dog, my aunts and uncles, my cousins and my sweet and caring Nanny (on my mother’s side) and my Grandfather (on my father’s side). This also includes the ones who I love who gone onto heaven: my former dog Cuddles, my beautiful Grandmother and my wonderful Grampy. If I did not have my family, I would not have anything.

My best Pals

my sister, my love

the one the almost got away :)
clearly in need of an updated photo

These three girls have been there through thick and through thin. They know all my secrets. They are perfect in every way. Without them, I would be incomplete.

Physical Exercise / Personal Wellness

image or barre3

I absolutely love to exercise my body. After a lot of trial and error I discovered what makes sense for me. Yoga, barre, pilates, dance, kicboxing and walking. For me this is perfect. One day I would love to be certified as an instructor to supplement my career goals as a wellness life coach. You cannot balance the mind, without balancing the body.


I have always been an avid writer. Currently I am playing around with two fiction pieces, and maintaining this blog. If I did not have my outlet, I would probably go absolutely batty. I have also  been known to write songs and poetry. Whatever feels right at the time. To be honest my passions lie completely in writing and fitness/wellness. It is these two things that push my forward, that excite me. :)

And most importantly. Baba <3 The best boyfriend in the whole world.


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