Blog Maintainence:

Out of sheer need for organization, I have decided to date my  posts, as well. This is mostly for me (right now), but one day also for my future readers. Being a blogger is a passion of mine, one that I would love to – one day -turn into a actual form of income. So, in order to make the blog more reader friendly, I want to give clear topic and date titles, so should someone want or need to refer to a previous entry, they can. 

Moving right along then!

Today marks the first day of my second semester of my third year of University. I am amid my pursuit for a Psyhology and Human Resource Management degree. While I do love education, this year has been difficult for me. I feel little motivation or connection to my courses, so I end up going through the motions. Even still I manage to become extremely… stressed out (which I do not understand). You would think that if I did not care, I would not care. Evidently I am at the point where I care, but only enough to cause me inner turmoil in the chance I may fail.
Now, being that I am… a lover of lists and planning, I decided to make a Plan List for the semester. So, without further ado, here is my action plan for the semesters which follow!ssg


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