~ storm ~

Before getting into too much seriousness within this post, I just must do this:

[just must? Really?]

It has arrived.


After much waiting, it has come.
Sadie… yoga… barre… dance.
My very own play ground ball.

OK. In other news. Here in Nova Scotia we had our first true snow storm of the season. I can not explain in words my level of fear that came along with this. Baba and Mama both had to work. My store closed, so I did not have to work and my father was no scheduled. Now, if you know me at all, you would know that I absolutely hate being away from my family during storms and this, well it was a bad one!

 Buses were off the road, the police cars were off the road… everything was off the road except my mother and my boyfriend.
I was terrified.

I, in likely the most annoying fashion, begged Omar to come home. Being that he is a new driver, who would be off at 5 PM (which meant it would be dark out), I was scared… I was honestly scared that he was going to drive into something and that I would never see him again. I was also worried of my mother, of course, but she was much closer to home and I knew she had decent arrangements.

I never really thought much about it before – the snow, or the risk, because I have never felt so helpless before in my life. But I was scared.

I do not have much to say today other than, I hope everyone made it out OK after that storm. I know that is was hard; I know that it was scary.

Please be safe.


2 thoughts on “~ storm ~

    1. There were no news reports of anyone being injured – and compared to the major storms in other parts of the world, it was minor – however I am glad my family made it home OK. :) Thank you.

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