thursday thoughts [01.02.2014]

Ah, another Thursday :)…

Big ol’ thanks goes out to Amanda for this awesome concept!



1) Lately I have been actively trying to recreate my former self. That is, my ‘self’ pre-ED. It is not the easiest of tasks, but shockingly , I have been kicking serious rump. How so? Three-four naps in the past three-four days*, randomly finding two movies I had never heard of on Netflix and watching them, falling asleep far too early on New Years Eve**… yep. :) It has been good.

*Since my ED (not sure if this is similar for others recovering or not) but I had found it next to impossible to take a nap. Originally, the idea sprouted from the misguided belief that if I fell asleep, everything I would have eaten in the day would magically change into fat and after 2.5 hours of resting, I too would have magically turned into fat. However even after that thought took a hike, I still found myself unable to take naps. I would be exhausted by 4PM but refused to rest.

**I am a horrible  New Year’s Eve’r. Always have been – and likely always will. First of all, I never really understood the celebration. But that is my personal thing. I completely understand and support any other individual wanting to ring in the New Year. Giv’er. For me, it just doesn’t really seem all too important. Luckily for me, my fell in love with a guy who has much the same opinions on the holiday. Score. What exactly do I mean by too early? When I looked at the clock at last… it was [ready to laugh?]… 9:15 PM … score. I tend to get cranky when I get sleepy, and who wants to ring in the New Year with a b@*$? Not me. That said, I always set an alarm [or ask Baba] to wake me up 15 minutes before midnight so I can ring in the New Year with him via a kiss :)

2) In the past I was in love with Lululemon. I own, up to, five sweaters and two or so bags. I never really did get into the mindset of buying one of their tank tops or pants. For me, tanks and pants are tanks and pants; I do not really think it is worth the money. But that – again – is my personal opinion. However lately I have been feeling a certain level of cognitive dissonance toward the company due to the comments (which I am sure you are aware of ) made by Chip Wilson, the founder. While I know that Chip Wilson is not all of Lululemon, I can not stand behind a company that believes or attends to the notion that some bodies are just not fit for their merchandise. I was not supportive when I heard about Holister saying it, so why would I support Lululemon? I do not think weight = health and therefore, a health and fitness apparel store should aim to attend to all shapes and sizes. I still love their sweaters, and will wear the ones I have… I just do not know if any more of my money will go to supporting them.

3) I must say I am 100% glad that 2013 is over. I hate the be one of those grumpy pants who grumble at the end of each and every year, but this year was not all a good one. So many things happened that were out of my control, out of my families control and just… out of control. There were 101 ups and downs, that sometimes I felt like I could not even think straight. So, this year, I am 100% glad to be in a new year.

4) After Eight Cake. Made! It was pretty well received too. The mint was almost too amazing. Confession: my favourite cake actually uses a box cake mix as one of the ingredients. My mother got it from a baker who uses it to make all her cake bases. It is really moist and dense and delish.  I do not personally each much of the cake due to the fact that I aim to limit all my gluten intake, but the reaction has never been poor on this cake.


5) After years of looking at it at Chapters, Mama finally bought the board game SmartAss. I mostly wanted it because my boyfriend IS a Smart ass sometimes (though I love him). What we have learned:
1) I am SO BAD at geography.
2) I love my family x 20382
3) My strengths seem to be in book and music… big surprise.
3) Johnny Depp was there when River Pheonix Died.
4) The Amazon river supports feminism


(there is also apparently a dumb ass game. I am not sure how that works)

6) In Highschool, I asked me friends to cut out the word ‘Cheer’ from a Cheerio box and write a note on it for me. Yesterday I said that no one had done it for me (but now I think I remember one person doing it). Regardless, I woke up on New Year’s Day to this:

This is from Baba, who I celebrated my third New Years with this year :).
I love him very much and little moments like these solidify that for me 100% :)

Don’t you love those little moments when you realize why you love someone so much?

Now, I turn it to you

What are your thoughts on Chip?
Did you have a good New Year? Regardless of your ‘bed time’ :D.

That’s Thursday:)


8 thoughts on “thursday thoughts [01.02.2014]

    1. Hahaha. Oh thank goodness. A girl after my own heart! I just can not be bothered. Usually the ‘new year’ just reminds me of all the things I failed to accomplish in 365 days.
      Gee whiz. That’s not celebratory.
      Instead, I like to treat it like any other day.
      I honestly think the smart thing to do on NYE is to practice writing the proper year in your date. I get so annoyed with the month following NYE where people constantly make the joke, ‘oops, it isn’t xxxx anymore! ha ha ha!’

      Enough sounding like a grumbler! I hope your NYE was lovely, although short (alike mine). :)

  1. Whoaaaa… an After Eight cake?! Uhm… that sounds amazing! Those chocolate mints are seriously dangerous for me — I used to be able to go through an entire sleeve of them without even noticing. But my birthday is in a few days, so maybe I need to give this cake a real consideration :D

    And I feel you on NYE — very much overhyped. I used to be a huge partier and would always go out, but I only have a handful of actual good memories from those times. I much rather do something a little more peaceful and ring in the new year with people close to me.

    Happy 2014, girl!

    1. Ahh! Amanda, you have NO idea. I was so excited. I seriously want to explore my baking side more; I find baking very calming. Unfortunately, I have not much of a sweet tooth. I think it is residual ED, but I still do not know if it is physiological, or psychological. However I never crave and can only handle small amounts at a time. So when I saw the opportunity, I took it! (Baba wanted it done).

      Exactly! I am at my happiest with my mother, father, boyfriend and pooch. Why would I want to ring in the New Year with anyone else?

      PS- How is your school program going, girl?

      Happy 2014 to you too! Keep us laughin, :)

  2. It’s so hard to find After Eights here! I think we just have more Andes in supply?

    I love NYE and this winter break, I was only able to stay up because I had been burning the midnight oil watching things on Netflix too! But I sleep in. I love naps normally – right after work since I get off at 3 and can take a good 2 hour nap without anyone noticing. :)

    I bought a couple of pairs of Wunder Unders but haven’t purchased anything after not because of his comments but because they’re overpriced and didn’t fit me as well as others – probably because my butt and thighs are too big. ;)

    1. I had quite the time finding them! They’re pretty much history after Dec 24. I had to use the bars (instead of the mint sleeves). Oh well. It was a hit!

      I am growing fond of them. I really am. They really calm the mind. Plus, some days, there just feels like too many hours. (hehe) so I have not wanted to even dare try. Regardless, his comments really leave a bitter taste in my mouth!

      Know any other good brands?

  3. I so wish I had gone to bed early on NYE, but my dad and I started watching Scandal and then it was midnight. Oops. I made up for it by going to bed at 9pm last night. Oops again.

    I also struggle with Chip’s comments re: Lululemon. I am glad to see they’ve removed him as an active member of the Board, so he’s now just a figure head. I’m hopeful the changes this year will be good because I do love their clothing (and running SeaWheeze!)

    1. Hahaha. I kicked my parent’s and boyfriend rump at Monopoly! I did not even know I had that in me!!

      I know; I know. And it is kind of hard to tear on a whole company due to one person -but, I am such an advocate for beauty is not size, at all. Having struggled with body image issues and disordered eating, statements like this are really… powerful.

      I feel like I could find another company – likely for half the value – that I find just as comfortable!

      I do not run, so I am no familiar with SeaWheeze!!

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