The New Year Series. Part Two:

Last post, I looked back. This post I will look forward.


While I have never been partial to making resolutions, I am very much a goal-oriented person. For me, the main reasoning is that at the end of the year, I do not really feel the need to ‘resolve’ much, but only improve my current situation. Or in some cases, only maintain the current status of my situation. So while I do not want to make resolutions, here are five things I want maintain or focus on in 2014. These will all be food, fitness, family and faith related:

1) Commit to Yoga 100%
Lately – brace yourself – I have been losing my passion for exercise. What, wait, woah, what? You know when you eat a certain food, like, every day, and become disgusted by it? Or watch a movie 20 times and start to really notice all the flaws in the plot? Yea, I am kind of going through that right now. I have had mornings where I have woken up and have been like: I just do not want to anymore. I guess in so many ways, I am losing that fire within me. That said, I still love physical activity, but am developing in a more realistic, less impacting approach. So let’s get more specific. I used to divide my routine into the follow three: (1) cardio (2) strength (3) yoga. On days where I do barre or yoga, or a combination of both, I am pumped to go down; however, on days when I do typical weight training or cardio, I could care less. So for the next year, I am going to commit to just yoga, in various forms for the differing benefits. I am ready to let my body decide how it will look doing the things I love.
Basically, instead of my A typical workout regime, it will likely look more like this:

Weekly Workout Schedule
Sunday: rest day – complete rest
Monday: 30-40 minute total body toning (barre/yoga sculpt)
Tuesday: 30-60 minute detox and vinyasa
Wednesday: 30 minute core work or additional day off.
Thursday: 30-60 minute vinyasa flow
Friday: 30-40 minute total body toning (barre/yoga sculpt)
Saturday: 20-30 minutes of detox yoga or additional day off.

As you can see I will be taking one to three days off per week, have three vinyasa focused days and two total body days. The length of my work outs has increased for two reasons: (1) yoga sequences are best done completely. I absolutely hate if a flow is 40 minutes or 50 minutes and I refuse to do it because I cannot exceed 30 minutes. That said, typically speaking, only 1/2 of a yoga sequence – give or take – is truly a work out. There is a handy amount of time you’re just easing into poses, plus considering a five minute savasana, a five minute cool down and a five to ten minute warm up (sun salutes), the increased length is understandable – and actually OK’ed by my nutritionist. Same goes for toning work outs; and (2) sometimes I feel the need to do an additional 10-20 minutes mid day if I have been sitting all day. That is just me. I feel allowing myself these potential increases are okay, considering the intensity of my exercise is much lower.

Also, from here I want to focus on increase core and upper body strength – both of which I lack. This time next year, I want to have come much closer, or mastered, the art of arm balances.

2) Try a new recipe at least each – or every two weeks.  But accept that I like the food I like.
I fall easily into meal ruts. I find a food that I absolutely love and eat it to the bitter end. For example, I currently am in a total sweet potato kick. I am not upset by this, at all. I love sweet ‘taters, but I know  there are a million other foods out in the world. That said, in the past, I constantly find myself feeling bad about having a ‘boring’ diet. On the one hand, yes I do tend to each the same foods regularly, but I also tend to eat that foods I liked regularly too. Should that not be enough?
Last week I tried a new mixture of oatmeal avec coconut flour and it was lovely!

3) Actually get into baking – but be OK that you are not huge on baked goods.
First, I love baked goods and always do want a few bikes, but I do not have a huge sweet tooth and often find things too sweet. I always worry that people will assume that if I do not eat a slice of cake or what have you, it would be due to my ED history. OK, while there is an element of truth there, no doubt, over the years I have also lost my ‘sweet tooth’.

That said, I am 100% a dessert lover.

The issue is, I can only really handle 2-3 bites of a cake. Following that, I just have no interest. I always need a few bites, though!

I want to embrace my interest in baking, while accepting that I am more into the prep work than the actually enjoyment. Similarly I love to see people’s reactions. Additionally, try to gluten free baking.

4) Eating to how I feel

Okay, this might seem confusing, but it goes both ways. I also tend to have this fear of under eating as well as over eating. So if I am not hungry, but know in my mind I need more food, out of fear of being hungry later, I eat more… and sometimes, I get so full it hurts me. I hate this. Hate it. Not out of fear of getting fat, but because it makes me feel sluggish. It is a horrid habit, and one that I want to try to rid myself of. Eating too little is not worse than eating too much – or no better. Regardless, you’re not attending to your body’s needs, but rather what you think your body should need.

5) Continual Check-In
As we all know, I have been advocating for the past while the ‘check in’. This – for me – entails a continual look into what it is I am doing and why it is I am doing it. Often I find myself becoming less and less confident in my choices as an individual; I become worried that their reasons are lined with poor judgement and misguided intentions. In the year 2014 I will consistently commit to my focus of ensure that every move that I make is 100% motivated by good intentions.

Here is hoping for a beautiful 2014. :)



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