Thinking Out Loud: Christmas Edition

Well, it is over. Another Christmas has come and has gone. While I love Christmas, there is always this sense of peace at the end of the hustle and bustle. A calm, I suppose. I hate to seem like I do not like Christmas, I love it. I just do love the calm that comes with its end. The shopping is done the presents were given and [hopefully] well received and the food was eaten.

It is nice.

Anyways, here goes :)

Thanks again to Amanda for the awesome concept!


I plan to mush the two together :). Enjoy!
Twelve Days of Christmas mishaps

1) Does a Christmas craft count if it is made out of food?

This is not my photo, at all, but I did spend some time making these on Christmas Eve :) They were actually SO adorable. :)
2) I did not carol :( Next year!
3) My cake will be made very soon
4) I did however make a Christmas rice apple dish – which was tasty :)
5) I did manage to watch three new Christmas movies – one of which was not Elf.

While not every one of my 12 plans were seen, those that I did complete I did to my best ability, so I am not even in the slightest bit upset about that which I did not do.

Each year there is a theme for Christmas. Do you ever notice that? In the gifts given, I mean. This is likely no intentional, at all, but it does happen. One year was the year of the Barbie, one year was basically Christmas does Movie Rental Store and this year is was a hybrid: yoga and Out of Print (which is now, out of stock).
This year, I receive three lovely books from Baba, first:


Tara Stiles and Sadie Nardini are the two female yogis (Eion Finn being the male yogi) who pretty much craft my daily practice. So, you better know that I was absolutely nose-in-book all day yesterday :).
Mama Bear and Daddy on the other hand, gave me a bunch of Out of Print clothing, which I LOVE. Basically, it is a clothing line which took classic literature and made apparel out of it. I got quite a few: a Little Women bag, a Raven sweater, an Alice in Wonderland Shirt, etc! They’re so comfy and really unique looking :). Mama also showered me with some of my girl [Kate Spade] stuff. :) Can you say: I got my travel mug!! I got so many clothes, it is hard for me to pick one or two shirts to show you! But, I would definitely buy more :) Here is an example: Not too sure why, but Mama was worried I would not like these. Pah! I have never been so excited about clothing in my life! My love for them is kind of two fold: first, books; second: The styles are really simple, which appeals to me a lot. They’re so comfortable and neat. :) I am so pumped on them.


I do not have much to stay out loud today. Except for I am so very lucky for the family I have been given. Each year at Christmas, my gifts, as materialistic as it may sound, reminds me that my family know me better than I would ever realize. I am not the type to say, ‘I want this or that’, yet somehow they know.

This Christmas has also reminded me what love is. I saw it this Christmas in my Mamas eyes when she opened her gift from some one and I felt it in my heart when I saw that look in her eyes. Above all else, that look was my Christmas. Seeing her calming, her happiness, made me happy and calm.

Christmas is not about boxes and bags, good books or shirts with books (perhaps the theme was book… as it often is). As lovely as they are, Christmas is much more than that. The real Christmas moment is often understated and will likely be overlooked. It could be a word or a smile. Mine, this year, was two fold: first, the look in my Mama’s eyes and second, the words shared between Baba and I.  I am not going to get into detail, but they made me Christmas whole. It reminded me why I love him and why I need to love myself.

Do not like the true meaning of Christmas get lost in the purchasing of gifts and cards. Keep it alive

And have a Merry little Christmas, :)


2 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud: Christmas Edition

  1. Awwr lady, I absolutely adore what you said about the real Christmas moment. It’s so true that it’s often overlooked, which I think is why it all feels like it’s over in the blink of an eye. My Christmas this year was a little different than what I’m used to — smaller and quieter. It kind of upset me at first, but at the end of the day, I got to spent it with the people I love and that’s what really matters. I’m glad to hear that you had a day full of so much love :)

    1. Thank you love :)
      My Christmas was very different this year, also. My Grandfather passed away in May, so this was our first Christmas without him – and let me tell you, he was the heart of Christmas.
      I think the moment this really occurred to me (the true meaning of the holidays) was when a customer from where I work who is quite sick and unable to travel via airplane, told me that her daughter chose to take their children to Disney land over home to visit their Grandparents (who may or may not see another Christmas). She was so sad when telling me; it broke my heart.

      I am glad you found the joy in the Holidays this year as well!

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