Christmas Survey

While it was not one of my 12 days of Christmas plans, I thought I might as well do this too. Far too tempting :)


Do you send out Christmas cards?
I give out Christmas cards. Does that sound?

How soon do you start shopping?
I do not do a lot of Christmas shopping like most people. I usually plan ahead and buy whatever it is while I shop normally. I try not to turn my shopping for Christmas into a big ordeal. Takes the spirit out of it. :)

Do you have a lot of gifts to buy?
I used to buy a lot. Being in high school and having a surplus of close friends made it impossible to get away with only gifts for one or two people, outside of your family. However not that I am an adult with little friends and a lot of tuition, I am keeping my list low :).

Do you bake cookies?
Do bears go poo poo in the woods?


Do you put up a Christmas tree?
We do. However not for as long as I would like to. That said, I think it is important that I get used to never having a treat up from December 1rst until January 1rst. It does not seem to be in the cards for me.

If so, is it fake or real?
It is fake. I have never had a real tree to know the difference. I have always wanted to try as it appeals to the environmentalist/naturalist in me. That said, it is messy.

Do you like tinsel?
I do not think the word ‘no’ is strong enough to convey how little I like tinsel. I still question why people use it. I do not think it even looks… nice.

Do you use homeade or storebought ornaments?
A mixture of both. Though this year the tree does seem to be heavy on the homemade side. Perhaps I had a bit too much pride whilst decorating the tree. In hindsight, not a great call.

Do you put Christmas lights outside your house?
Not this year. As a family, we have all been very busy, so there has not been adequate time to put up décor. But Christmas to me is about the family time, the love and the togetherness, not the decorations.

Oh, and the cookies. :)

Do you put lights on the tree?
Hmm, well, I do not, no. But my mother does.

How about popcorn and cranberries?
No, I do not. I get the cranberries thing, but I have never understood putting popcorn on your tree. Was the big guy a big fan of the kernel?

Is there a wreath hanging on your door? Yup!
Not this year, no!

Christmas Eve…

Do you celebrate it?
Honestly I think the Christmas Eve celebration is a larger deal than the Christmas celebration. We always go to my grandparents, talk, enjoy food, laugh and exchange some gifts. This year, due to my grandfather passing, we will all be going to the graveyard at four to wish him a Merry Christmas in heaven. RIP Grampy <3.

Do you hang up your stocking?
Yep. Including, of course, one for Zoo. :)

Have you ever left cookies out for Santa?
And a carrot for Rudolph. Unfortunately, I failed to remember the other reindeer in my youth. :(


Christmas Movie?
Annabelle’s Wish and Tangerine Bear when it comes to cartoon-y movies.
Likely, Christmas Shoes or Home Alone for non-cartoon-y movies.

However I am suppose to watch Elf.

Character from any Christmas Movie?
Annabelle and Tangerine Bear!

Christmas Song?
I like Baby Please Come Home :)

Christmas Memory?
My favorite Christmas memory is sitting at Nanny’s and Grampy’s, enjoying a quality street treat (not intended to rhyme, but I am good with it), listening to my aunts and uncles discuss memories of Christmas past. :) That is it; nice and simple <3.

Christmas Cookie?
Snickerdoodles. I know they’re kind of an all year cookie, but if you add an additional shake of cinnamon, I think you’re well on your way to a holiday treat.

This or That…

Give or Receive?
Being that I am a horrid receiver of things, I am going with giver 100%

Ham or Turkey?
I do not really prefer one over the other, but I only eat fish. =)

Star or Angel?
I like both, but I have always had an angel, :).

White Lights or Coloured Lights?
I actually think I prefer the look of white, but my tree has colored and I would not have it any other way. :) My tree is very ‘family focused’. So it is not a specific color scheme or anything,  but it is lovely.

Blinking Lights or Still Lights?
Still, definitively still.

Were you Naughty or Nice this year?
I am always nice!


What do you want for Christmas this year?
A hippopotamus.

When do you open your gifts?
I open gift – typically – Christmas Eve night, then the rest wait until the following morning, bright and early!!

What’s the best gift you’ve ever gotten?
To pick one would  be almost impossible. Every year my family never ceases to amaze me. :)

What’s the worst gift you’ve ever gotten?
There is no gift I really hated. For me, the thought alone is enough.

Do you like wrapping gifts?
I do, however I think people would prefer that I not wrap them (they do not really look all too great :p)

T minus seven days guys!




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