Christmas Five December 13th, 2013

This week has not been filled with new foods or workouts, I will be honest. So I decided to list two different topics instead, with five subcategories within them. They will be regarding the holiday season : )


Five Updates on the 12 days of Christmas.

  1. I have successfully completely number one of my plan – to construct a gingerbread house. While it is definitely not the most beautiful of Gingerbread houses, it was definitely an accomplishment. Now I do need to say that there was some false advertising involved. There was a gingerbread tree and a few gingerbread men which were suppose to go on our lawn. Well, there was no lawn for them to go on. Regardless, the construction was absolutely lovely :)


  2. I have officially watched 1/2 of a Christmas movie that I have never seen before (White Christmas). Due to some unforeseen circumstances (Nova Scotia weather) my mother and I had to leave my Grandmother’s early. I do plan to try again next Monday.
  3. After a lot of looking around, I have found my after eight cake (which is now cupcakes) at this website location: I cannot WAIT to attempt this.
  4. This week I plan to go to Michael’s and the Dollar store to get the tools I will need to make my Christmas craft :). I am hoping to find a good cheap craft to make! Thus far, I have no idea what that might be :)
  5. I have not yet mentioned to Baba about going to the mall to get a picture with Santa, but I really really really really want to. Yes I am five :)

Five Christmas Wish List Wants 

  1. Barre3 and Ballet Beautiful DVD collection :) As we know I am in love with these two, but where I live there is absolutely zero boutiques. As such I will need to buy their DVDs in order to get their wonderful work outs at home  
  2. I would LOVE new notebooks for second semester :). Preferably pretty ones, of course! Purple would be… ideal :)  do love purple.
  3. More Kate Spade related stuff! I absolutely love her line and get chills everything I see her stuff at Chapters. Currently, I would die if I was able to get this mug, do to the fact that the writings on it are basically made for me!
  4. A new, reasonably sized, over-the-shoulder bag [cough: fossil]. I have a new love for Fossil and anything involved! I would absolutely love a cross body bag from them.
  5. Above all else, family time :). The above four are things that, while I would love to get them, I do not expect to get them nor would I be at all upset if I did not get them. These are merely things I would like to get myself this year at some point, if at all. But this one, this one is very important :). To me, Christmas is not about anything but spending some much needed time with family :) I consider myself to be very luck to have my family so in all honestly, the number one thing I want this holiday season, is quality time with them :)

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