Five Golden Rings and Extremes

Christmas. In my opinion, it is far too short. There is a good chance you likely disagree with this, but nevertheless, I think it true. First of all, for all the hoop-la and stress which proceed the actual event, it feels to me that if Christmas itself was a three, maybe four day, event, there would be much more justification for the hostility. Perhaps your family does make it a much bigger event, but – for me, at least – Christmas day around 6PM I get this feeling of ‘now what?’. I find it very disheartening.

This Christmas, as my family and I have decided, is going to be ‘low-key’. Which, not only am I perfect OK with, but I also would prefer. This year, a lot of misfortunate has fallen upon my family and, I guess, to me (and, evidently, them) it seems too hard too celebrate something so joyous without the missing links. Unfortunately, at the same time, I am horrible with change. I get into a set routine and following that, I feel it near impossible to reroute myself (detours cause me much too much stress).

So I have decided to redefine Christmas for myself and create a new personal tradition (hopefully annually, but should this not stick, that is fine).

As we all may or may not know, there is a song called The 12 days of Christmas’. Each day of the 12, the receiver gets a gift from his or her loved-one in the number which corresponds to the day in which we would be in the song. For example, on the fifth day of Christmas he or she receives five golden rights. I am sure many of those who celebrate Christmas know this (and perhaps even a wealth of people who do not) but for those who do not, there you are. :)

My plan is then, to create Caitlyn’s 12 Days of Christmas.

No, I do not plan to buy Omar 78 gifts in 12 days (if that math is right, I will be absolutely pumped because I did it in my head… Guys, it is! I just calculated it! Mental Math can eat my dust).  However I will be 12 Christmas or feel-good activities and I will do them between now and the 25th of December. I have already completed one of them, but I still have 11 more to go which means, lots o’ work for me. :)

OK, so what exactly am I doing?

xm1. Make a Gingerbread House which will stay standing for more than two minutes
While I do advocate myself a seasoned Gingerbread carpenter (as my cousin eloquently put it), there has been a sad incident wherein a Gingerbread creation has gone… well, for lack of a better word, poorly. Although I still support mine and my partners plan to be a realistic as possible, while refraining from copying the box design, there is a change the trying to recreate the visual of actual snow upon a rooftop may have lead to too much heaviness, which could not be supported by the foundation of the house. It was learning experience.

I will gladly inform you that yesterday I did make another Gingerbread house which is still standing. :)

2. Make exactly one Christmas craft with household items and/or minimal purchasing needs.
Okay, first of all, I like crafts, I just have been known to such at them. This Christmas I am going to prove myself wrong. I am going to make something crafty,

3. Bake Christmas cookies
I am without a decent amount of funds due to this little thing called “being a student”. It’s great. So! I am going to bake Christmas cookies for my family and friends for Christmas. :)

4. Watch three new Christmas movies
I love Christmas movies almost as much as I love Christmas itself. I need to make it my goal to see three new ones (one per week).

5. Bake a Christmas ‘After Eight’ cake
Baba loves After Eight. Baba also likes cake. Therefore, I want to make an After Eight cake.

6. Give back this holiday season
Again, I do not have a lot of money, at all. So it is very hard for me to give back. This one will take some thought.

7. Buy a Santa hat and wear it to work every shift from now until Dec 25th
We have reindeer ears, but I wanna be the big guy!

8. Continue the pursuit for an ugly Christmas sweater
This has been an on-going battle… one day, I will find one.

9. Get my picture taken with Santa. Try to convince Omar to do so as well. Or mama.
Look, it’s still cool. :)

10. Go shopping!
Alright, window shopping. There is just something very Christmas-y to me about sitting in a mall, drinking hot beverages whilst it is cold outside, that brings Christmas to me. Perhaps the consumerism and over-indulgence just rings a bit of self-invested love in me haha.

11. Take every opportunity to sing a Christmas song.
Sing like no one is listening. :) This doubles because I also want to try to video tape myself singing my favorite Christmas song and post it here. We will see!

12. Relax.
Christmas is a time to enjoy and relax. This is an on-going activity. I need to let myself just ease into the Christmas season. My mind needs it right now.

So! Wish me luck :)



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