Friday Five, Nov 29 and Understanding Health


It is a word that everyone knows and uses regularly.

You see a girl who looks about twenty pound ‘overweight’ and immediately assume (unless you’re a thoughtful consumer of superficial evaluation) that that girl likely participates in unhealthy activity. Alternatively you see a girl who looks fit – likely works out – eating a salad and think, ‘man, now that’s one healthy gal’.

I have been bother the slightly overweight girl, as well as the Miss Garden Salad. To be honest, they’re equally as healthy.

Health is not a numerical of visual measurement. It is a person-specific measure, which does not lay on any specific continuum. I do not think that the mind is more important than that of the body, but I do think they’re equally as important [enter my holistic approach to life]. If you are not doing something for both the vitality of your mind and your body, to me, there is little point.

This Christmas season I welcome you to try and always question your level of health? In order for you to achieve optimal health, try to maintain a balance between your mental and your physical health. That is, do not deny yourself cake because you may gain weight, if that slice of cake will make your feel good; but also, do not stop maintaining a healthy lifestyle to prove some point about your mental happiness.

Balance is key to everything. That is why I practice yoga. To achieve balance in my practice and in my life. Health does not need to be defined, nor altered. Health is a dynamic ambiguity which has not absolute, so do not try to give it one. That is true both across people and across lifespans.

Do not get bogged down by what other’s deem is healthy, just focus on what feels healthy to you and cultivate an awareness akin to that.

This is your life and your story. If you love your life, no one else should have any say.


Now onto some fun stuff :)


Friday Five ala Fitting it all In

Five Foods of the Week

  1. I tried persimmons for the first time! Absolutely yummy. They were on sale at the superstore so I thought, why the heck not? In all honesty, they did not have a strong taste to me, but I found them very refreshing.
  2. Peppermint and Gingerbread tea!! If you know me at all you know I love Celestial Teas. I do not buy them often because they are a bit more expensive. But around Christmas I always splurge on a box or two of Candy Cane Lane or Gingerbread Spice. The other night I gobbled (can you gobble tea?) down a mug and a half, then used some the next morning to flavor my oatmeal!

    I need to get a tea kettle to start making tea water to flavor my oats again. I haven’t in so long.

  3. Lindor Chocolate! So tempting. It’s Christmas!


  4. A new-to-me bread called Silver Bakery. I bought it for one reason and one reason alone (it is in a purple packaging). I really like it. The bread slices are smaller then most bread slices [like a legitimate floppy disc], but that is find for me because I do not like a lot of bread. :)SilverHillsBakeryBreadGlutenFree
  5.  In an attempt to regulate my digestive flow… I’ve also had to eat a lot of prunes. Not the best, but they’re growing on me. Especially if you fill them up with nut butter [nut butter makes everything 10 x better, right?]

Five Exercises this Week

Monday: Barre total body toning
Tuesday: 15 minutes of warm up and 15 minutes of a flow (yoga)
Wednesday: Core yoga with Sadi Nardini
Thursday: 15 minutes of dancing and 15 minutes of flow (yoga)
Friday: Total body toning (and yoga)

Five To-Dos this Holiday Break

  1. Bake! I plan to bake cookies and become the little cookie queen this holiday season :). I plan to make XMAS treat bags for people I care dearly for :). This does include four-legged friends
  2. Watch as MANY Christmas movies as possible!
  3. Make an After Eight Cake for Baba (You know how people always tell kids to get help from a grown up when using scissors. Well, the same applies to this. Mama Imma need your help).
  4. Continue working on my novel from last year.
  5. Dig through Value Village for a Ugly XMAS Sweater and/or buy one online.


2 thoughts on “Friday Five, Nov 29 and Understanding Health

    1. It is actually a tie! One would be this movie called ‘The Tangerine Bear’ which is voiced by JTT, hahaha. The other is called “Annabelle’s Wish”. Have you seen them? They’re both cartoons, but they bring me joy!
      What’s yours?

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