Five Things Friday: Nov 22.13

My first link up with Clare at

Five Things I Ate

The serendipitous spud
I asked my father to pick me up a sweet potato, only to receive this






white sweet potato. At first, I was confused and shocked, but then I tried it and it was incredibly sweet(er) than sweet potatoes!

The Stolen Muffin

My father brought home a muffin from work which his friend made. I kindly took it.

The Pumpkin Muffin

[click picture to link; School House Bakery]

I am in love with this muffins. They’re from a local GF bakery in Nova Scotia. I seriously would consider them part of my daily diet :P I have been going GF for the past while and these muffins replace traditional ‘breads’ or ‘muffins’ for me.

Oats and Oats 








Some things will never change: oats and coffee :)

Jamie Oliver’s Moroccan Hummus

I love Moroccan spices, so I thought I’d give this a whirl.
Needless to say, I bought a second tub :)
Go Jamie!

Five Work outs

Monday: Arm work out
Tuesday: Vinyasa yoga
Wednesday: Some QiGong and core work
Thursday: Lower body toning + yoga
Friday: Detoxing Yoga


I am loving my current attempts to reduce my exercise :) Yoga makes me happy.

Five Posts I Love

Amanda@RunningWithSpoons “seasonal exercise”

This post lightly discusses personal opinions on exercise :). Do what is good for you!

Clare@Fitting-it-all-In “don’t feel sorry for me”

This has been very helpful for me in my pursuit to gain a comfortable amount of weight to get my period back :)

Brittany@Delights and Delectables  “When Aunt Flow is a No Go”

I need to start doing this all more actively.

Lee@FitFoodieFinds “Bloggin as a Biz”

One day, I would like this to be my reality :)

I only have the four :)

Five Things that Make Me Happy

1. Christmas Movies!!

2.  Mama bear, Baba, Zooey and the ol man

3. Being DONE with class presentations

4. Yoga focused exercise (truly)

5. Feeling full. :)


2 thoughts on “Five Things Friday: Nov 22.13

    1. Aww thank you :)
      I think everything in life is about balance. Everything. I would argue this :)
      Thanks for dropping by! And please come again [I did not intend to sound like an old woman store owner from the Little House on the Prairie times]
      Your blog is lovely, also!

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