Thoughts on a Monday

Just because there ain’t nothin’ like a rant on a Monday!oande

In the past I did have a whole alliteration thing working for me, where Friday was fitness focused. That will remain the same. But, instead of just posting on fitness, I will also include some opinion pieces or thoughts, so that everyone – even those who could care less about physical activity – can get something from the post. As I have mentioned in the past, however, my goal with my ‘fitness focused’ posts, is not to rant and rave about the benefits of fitness. I am sure you have all heard them and do not need to be drilled again. My goal is to allow you to really think about your relationship to exercise, discover how it affects you and promote a happy, healthy mentality toward physical fitness.

Today’s topic is: Letting Go.

One year ago, my preferred mentality toward exercise was the following:

Sweat lots, move quick and don’t think about it too much, essentially.

This also lead to the adoption of “get it done early so your body doesn’t really have time to think ‘what the hell are you doing’? These work outs incorporated 100+ burpees, plyometrics, sprints… let’s of impact. Now, please note that I am in no way bashing this kind of fitness. Fitness is subjective; what works for one doesn’t work for another. So, in the even that you’re an insane trainer, train insanely. Just please, always honour your body.

Now, I am mostly the exactly opposite, becoming complethely enthralled in three relatively light-moderate forms of exercise:
Yoga, Dance/Barre and Walking.
My triad of love <3

In fact, quite surprisingly, even in the event that I am download a workout or follow a plan that includes higher impact for longer periods of time, I often follow the ‘modification’ or ‘lighter option’. As you all probably know, I am a private exerciser. To me, exercise is moving (cue the sappy music, right?). But, it is. Yoga and movement pretty much saved my life. The more in love I became with it, the more I wanted to give my body what it needed to continue doing it. So, for some reason, I do prefer to do my “scheduled” work outs alone. So, when I am actually partaking in the lighter activity, I feel great! In fact, I feel amazing.

On the flip side, the moment I am taken into public and forced to talk about my fitness regime, I still get a pang of inferiority. I can’t help be think, ‘I am not doing high intensity work outs, so they’ll look at my measly exercises and laugh’. But, why does this matter, at all, to me? If I am happy and feeling great when I work out, who cares if I am not gasping for breath. In all honesty, I would not trade it in for anything.

The ultimate take away, which applies to more than just physical exercise, is that if you find yourself becoming interested in something that, on the whole, is less ‘intensive’ than your prior involvement, don’t let your decrease sadden you. Enjoy it! If it is what you want, then nothing else really matters, right?

Another great example is school, or education, or career planning. If you get into University (which, according to society, is the ideal form of secondary education) and after a year decide you’d rather go to college or, heck, just get right into work and work your way up in a company, do it. Don’t let stupid embarrassment get the best of you. Because you have nothing to be embarrassed about. Instead, feel accomplished for doing what it is you want to do and not what someone else told you to want to do.

It has taken me (and in some ways is taking me) a long time to accept this. Being that I am a true perfectionist, I tend to behave much too hardly on myself and my own successes; rather than relishing an A in a class, I question why it isn’t an A+. While this sheer motivation to succeed isn’t something I would say is… unproductive, it can be costly. If you push yourself too hard, linking education successes to personal worth, any slight indication of failure (however small) will cause you to react in an elevated way. For me this is certainly the case. But you and I together need to remind ourselves that life isn’t about being perfect, but actually about being imperfect and learning to love yourself in spite of that.

So, live… laugh… breath… dance

and change your mind. :)


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