Unfortunately, as I mentioned before, photography will be something of a ‘back burner’ for a bit on here. When I am not studying, I am volunteering, when I am not volunteering, I am working, when I am not working, I am at school and the time left over is all for Baba and my family. I know it might sound… silly… but I have a hard time justifying snapping photos over reading my textbooks.

That said, I was then thinking. Although I love all those things, I haven’t had any real ‘100% Caitlyn pleasure’. I mean, I have my work outs, yes. But, those are only 1/3 of my passions. The other 2/3 goes to writing and helping/motivating people. Writing this blog had allowed me to get two birds with one stone, in that I am able to write about my experiences and thoughts and hopefully help someone. I guess I adopted a somewhat ‘go big or go home’ approach or mindset. I thought, if I did not have the pretty pictures, my blog would be lame.

But, I am confident there are people out there who do more than just look at pictures

[though, I admit, I am sometimes not one of those people].

As a result, I do want to try to continue the writing aspect of the blog, but I will warn you that it will mostly just be musings and thoughts a la Caitlyn. It could also be about anything. Being in school forces you to think about so many things that you otherwise would not even consider. Basically my posts will just be a bunch of things that I have thought of, sub-topic’ed for your reading pleasures :).

[one: WCB and Laziness]

Lately in my Occupational Health and Safety class, we’ve been talking all about worker’s compensation. One of the tough realities of such a thing is how abused I can only imagine it is. Obviously I have not done too much research into this, but I feel it is easy to assume that people ‘work the system’. Instead of saying, ‘yes, I am heal and ready to go back to work’, they say, ‘you know, I think I need more time’.

This bothers me for two reasons

[one] I presume the WCB only has so much money which is can use on workers who have been injured or infected during work and therefore their resources are not exactly unlimited. As such, it pains me to think that some perfectly healthy and recovered individual is potentially sucking money from the system, potentially causing others to be left without the proper care they need. Again, I am just ranting and this is not a scientific fact, so do not treat it as such.

[two] How lazy are we as humans? I decided, today in class, to put myself in the shoes of someone who was unable to work. Perhaps I fell off of a ladder and broke my leg. I would be beside myself. I mean, that is another topic for another time [enter: more recovery-related topics] but regardless, I would be.  My first thought would not be: yes time off! It would be: Oh, my god… what am I going to do?

In the event that WCB actually compensated for my injury, I would feel a bit better about that whole ordeal, but generally speaking that would not be enough. Why?

I love working.

I do. I genuinely love working. In fact, ‘days off’ – though needed at times, for sure – I find kind of exhausting. I mean, yes. I like vacation time and I like having a day or two of down time during the week. That’s normal. I am not a workaholic. I am just saying, I could not imagine NOT working at all. It gives you a sense of purpose! Or, it gives me one at least. I honestly cannot wait until the day that I am in my career, doing what I love. And it really saddens me to know that people who can work, who can make a living, decide that they would rather not. Especially when there are people in this world who want a job so badly, but cannot get one for whatever reasons.

[two: School and life balance]

It’s hard, eh? Ya with me?

I love my life. Every aspect of it. But, when school comes around, I admit I become consumed by it. The truth of the matter is, I almost need to be. All in all, a semester if four months long. Three and a half, really. So, for those few months, I feel it is my duty to be as fully focused as possible.

I am sure a lot of people who are passionate about their education would agree.

But at what point does this become too much? Or does it?

Last year there were a lot of moments where I left some aspects of my life somewhat… ignored. I did not like it, but I did not know how to properly balance school and my personal life. I would get this image in my head of me trying to hold six things up and failing miserably. I kind of made a promise to myself to not let this year go that way. I have been actively trying to do this, but sometimes I wonder if I am still doing enough. I guess all I can do is what I can do though right?

However in the process, I developed a small mind-frame to follow, which is kind of a three parter:

[one] school is only as stressful as you let it be. If you take your education lightly, but with focus, you’ll achieve far more benefits than if you take your education intensely with just as much focus. Why? Because education is not just about a mark. It is about the learning process. If you sit back, relax and actually allow yourself to become educated, rather than just learn something, I think you’ll feel a lot more personal growth and probably enjoy the process a lot more.

[two] life and school are not synonyms. In fact, school is but a facet in the umbrella of life. So do not let it overrule you. Take a night off a week. Too much of anything isn’t good for you, right? So, relax! Take it easy and live. Remember your family and friends. This is no different than working out, guys. If you spend all your time lifting weights or running, or whatever, it isn’t healthy. Similarly, if you become much too focused on study, it isn’t healthy.  I know this seems a fine line, and I have often fallen victim to thinking that I needed to be… consumed in my study. Unfortunately, this lead to my being somewhat… negligent toward my loved ones, leaving them to feel unsatisfied. School will last you, four to, good lord, could be a long time, yes. But eventually school will be over and you’ll be on your way to being in your career. The people in your life… they’re static. So don’t let them feel unnoticed. Balance out school and social. :)

[three] remember why you’re there. Yes, first, remember that you’re there to learn and better your future to hopefully, one day, land a decent paying job and contribute to society in a way both personally rewarding and financially supportive. But also remember that you’re there to learn about you. Not only whom you are now, but whom it is you’re becoming. Remember that your goals and plans and desires span over several different facets. In other words, yes, I do think it is important to appreciate that you are in school to educate yourself and become a respectable and contributing member of society. But also remember that this is a journey for you. If you find you are not feeling in-tune with the path you originally took… hang a left and see what happens. A lot of people tend to think that they need to do what they originally set out to do. If they came to school for a BA in Sociology, they need to leave with that. But hey, if you take a Bio class and love it… switch. This is your journey. And since you’re constantly changing, why can’t your journey change along side you?

I that note, I should probably close this. Until the next time I have a plethora of random and unrelated things to throw at chya :)



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