Weekly Review and Planning [09.07.2013]


Ahola, you all!
[no idea why I went all Hawaiian there on you]

This week has been, you know, really good. Isn’t it bad when you become shocked by how positive a week can be? For example, I am one of those individuals who safely assume if too many positive things are happening, I am bound to have a breakdown. Or, rather, something is bound to go wrong.

How depressing, right?

It is almost like I am primed into thinking that bad things will happen because so often bad things do. Except then I am left to wonder, do bad things really happy so frequently, or do I only focus on the bad things that happen?

This, along with the question of why bologna is pronounced as it is, why people don’t think you can have you’re cake and eat it, too…

[exhibit a: a ‘had cake’]

[exhibit b: an ‘eaten too’ cake]


..and the group of people who think it is OK to take a perfectly fine pair of jeans and cut them so short that you can see the inner lining of the pocket, are the reasons I lose sleep at night.

But, here I go [aaaaagain] failing to stay on topic.

Weekly Review [09.07.2013]

[one] This was a very lovely week. Naturally, it had its moments [yes I am looking at you textbooks], but overall it proved to be very enjoyable a week. First, I discovered that I have friends in 1/2 of my classes.  Which both shocks and pleases me due to the fact that I do not have a great deal of friends at my school. But none the less I have enough! :) I love the feeling of walking down the halls at school and actually have the ability to wave at people and smile. And you know, have them wave back to me :)

[two] This week has really allowed me to value the relationships I do have. Namely, a specific one with a person I just recently met. Sometimes it takes months to become comfortable with a new people. You meet them, you evaluate how much you could get along and then you decide if this relationship will be a good one for you or not. Essentially, without realizing it, you balance out in your head the costs versus the benefits. It is like a business decision going on in your brain. In the even that you decide the benefits outweigh the costs, you proceed; in the event you don’t, you probably keep relative distance in a respectful manor.
On the other hand, sometimes it only takes minutes or hours to establish a connection: an instant ‘hit-off’ and without thought, you decide to keep that person in your life and develop a great level of care for him or her.  This has recently occurred in my life with most of the people I currently work with (one, though in particular). It is a nice feeling to feel ‘at home’ with someone so quickly to meeting them. Developing trust and understanding and support. It is friendships like these that you get a true sense of genuine  care.

[three] My OCD is back…

and this time, it is in style…

 [hello, kate spade]


If you know me, but at all, you would know that I am crazy about organization and planning. I like things to be in order. I can’t help it. I think that is why I love school so much: it begs me to be organized. When I saw this fine piece, I nearly dropped my jaw. It is so pretty and so organize-y.
Plus, it has motivational quotes!


[take note in case of fashion interest]



[I really liked this one]


[four] Endless studying has already happened…


[as you can plainly see, I am very… pro-organization via this as well]


[but of course this happened in a cute, owl-related notebook!]

Sadly, that has pretty much been my week.

Goals for this Week

[one] try Cannoli. :D
[two] Contact SMU Women’s Centre about getting involve
[three] Continue eating more during the day
[four] try new recipe (DONE) – A found a recipe on-line for coconut almond tilapia. I just made it up and will be enjoying it for dinner tonight :)
[five] Increase yoga this week.

Work Out Schedule
[Sunday] off
[Monday] – Cardio + Core work [kick box]
[Tuesday] – 10 minute cardio warm up + 10 minutes of leg work [thighs] and ten minute arm work
[Wednesday] – Cardio of choice [dance+yoga]
[Thursday] –  10 minute warm up + glute and arm work [BUTI?]
[Friday] – Walking work out + yoga
[Saturday] – Lower body barre work [Jessica Smith TV] + yoga

That sums me up this week :)



5 thoughts on “Weekly Review and Planning [09.07.2013]

  1. I adore that kate spade planner and I want one – I am another person who loves to be organised and I love nothing more than a good notebook – trust me when I say I have hundreds of them!


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