So, it is that time of year again!

note books galore…


…packed lunches suitable for someone [probably] half your age…


endless amounts of stress!

In this time of… great splendor [you know, or strife], there is a list of things which are bound to cause any given person to… for lack of a better term, lose their mind. However with careful planning, and strategic though processes, one can easily over come any potential failures. In fact, by following these things it is possible that one could actually succeed!

My Top Ten Tips for a Successful School Year

1. Before going anywhere, you need to get organized. That means, a good agenda! One of the places I am sure more students fall short, would [don’t hold me to this] organization. Without organization it hard to keep track of everything. Instead of having specific dates and times you need to have things done by, you have a bunch of times you need to have things done by… Okay, I know that makes no sense, but basically what I mean, if you don’t write things down you can easily forget. So, get a journal. And maybe one of these bad boys, right here:

2. Schedule “home work” like you would ‘class time’. Instead of just doing homework, I actually sit down and say something along the lines of:
“Okay, from 2:30-3:15 on [this day] I will have [this class] home work”. By making homework a scheduled event, you can almost trick yourself into to taking it more seriously.

3. Get social. Don’t be afraid to make connections. This goes for instructors as well as other students. First, by getting cozy with fellow students, you’ll be able to find people to do group study sessions with easily! Furthermore, by making connections with your professors or instructors, you better your career as a student. Often times in academic settings, you’ll be expected to work under professors (possibly) to conduct research. So, it would not hurt to get a few names in.

4. Stay active! We all know that physical activity can help you in so many ways, but what about this? Too often sitting over a book can become (a) bad for your back and (b) back for your sanity. Take a nice walk, or something during study sessions to keep yourself focusedIMG_9483    [not beats hittin the ol’ dusty trails]

5. Balance out everything! I am the worst for this, to be honest. School is important, of course. But so is everything else in your life. Your family, you friends, you hobbies. I often do a ratio of like 45:15 minutes. I’ll work hard for most of the hour, then take a 15 or so minute break for ‘me’ time. This could mean anything: calling a friend, watching a funny video, listening to music or … going for a walk!

6. Practice equality…. in the classroom! Well, and out. What do I mean? Even though you are bound to take courses that [a] interest you more or [b] are more relative to your area of interest, do not let one course fall short because you do not care enough. If you truly engage in your education, anything will be interesting. Alternatively, if you close off your mind, you’re doomed for failure. Try applying whatever you are learning to something that does interest you. How does this affect YOU? That could help.

7. Ask questions. This is a huge one. A HUGE one. I am still often scared to ask people questions. I think people will think I am an idiot because I do not know something, but generally speaking, no one cares. On the one hand, if others already knew the answer, they get a sense of self woohoo, while also getting to listen to the Professor elaborate further, which could mean they attain more information for future use. On the other hand, if the person didn’t know, they’ll be rather [a] happy to now know or [b] not care enough. People in group B mightn’t even be in class!

8. Take you time. Don’t rush anything. I know school goes by quick… too quick… but treat everything you do with pride. If you do this, it will be reflective in your work. However make sure you…

9. Prioritize. If you have a 1/2 page assignment due and a 10 page paper… think: what should I get done first? Your answer might differ from mine, but do what works for you. Also, make sure you apply this when balancing out your life. If you do have a 10 page paper due, going to catch a good movie with your friends the eve of due date (providing paper remains incomplete) is probably not the best call.

But most of all:

10. Take it easy; laugh a lot.
University and college… they’re hard. Not only educationally, but financially and emotionally, too. Not only are we expected to do well, but we are also expected to ‘figure ourselves out’. Let’s be honest here, does anyone really have themselves figured out? Relationships are created and depleted, as we go through the motions of text, prose and partying [unless your me]. Enjoy every second. This is your education. Go with direction, but go in fun. Don’t take it too seriously, because you’ll just get further stressed.

You’re only young once, right?

I was hoping I’d get a cool acronym with that but I got:

So, guys…

OSSA freaking BEATe. :)


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