What I Ate Wednesday: Photo Dump

IMG_9859 IMG_9877 IMG_9880 IMG_9871 IMG_9869  IMG_9864

[one] Birthday cake. Naturally.
[two] oatmeal with cereal, berries and nut butter on top
[three] a new to me almond coconut milk. Quite yummy!
[four] puffins in a baggy.
[five] my go-to school lunch pack which included puffins, bread, cucumber sticks and broccoli, avocado, laughing cow cheese wedge. edamame and hummus. An apple on the side.
[four] a full plate :)

If you recall in my last post, I discussed my issues with lunch.

While I still have this issue, I am trying very hard to make sure my plate is full at lunch time. I managed to do that yesterday :). That plate had edamame, puffins, hummus, brussel sprouts, greek yogurt, toast and hummus.

Due to the fact that I am still getting back into school, I must leave it at this for now.
But I wanted to make a point of doing a post! Short and sweet :)


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