Weekly Review and Planning [09.01.2013]


So, I completely wrote and entire post… a pretty good one, too, and wordpress did not register any of it. So, I will do it again, but not quite as well.


[one: I must be moving on]

The main change this week was leaving my job of six years. The entire process was bittersweet. Having worked there for two years, full time (as a university drop out), I always had this pang in the back of my head suggesting that I would never move on from retail. I am in no way bashing retail as a career; both my mother and my father rely on retail as their main source of income. I just do not want it to be my career. Yet, during that time in my life, I was committed to the idea that I was not going to achieve all I wanted. I would not write for a wellness magazine (freelance and on the side) one day, nor would I work as wellness and health coach. I would not travel, nor would I experience. Instead, I would remain clad an apron, ringing through endless amounts of product for complete strangers.

The moment I got back into the swing of school, I felt… free. Not completely rid of that possibility that I could fail, again, but one step closer away. Now, getting a job elsewhere reminds me that there is more to this world for me. There are new challenges, new experiences and new ways to grow. :)

Having struggled with the idea of quitting for a decent amount of time, the moment I fully committed to it very extremely difficult for me. But, I knew I needed the change. I will miss everyone, but I must be moving on. :)

On a much happier note, I could not be happier with my current place of employment. As I mentioned, it is offering a slew of new an exciting challenges for me. But also, provides me with a place to meet new people! Having not even worked there three months, I already feel bonds with the group of people I have met there and feel quite at home in their company.

IMG_9756 IMG_9765

[two: I’ll have my cake and eat it, too]
Yesterday I got home from a long shift at work (ended up being from 8:30-5:30) I saw this set blissfully upon my kitchen table. The fifth marks my birthday, so as a surprise, my mother made me this beautiful cake. Decorated completely by herself.

I love you Mama Bear!

Now, while I was not craving a cake (which I will be tonight… no doubt… as I regret not having more last night)… I was not at all about to leave it completely untouched…

IMG_9783 IMG_9782

I was also surprised to find this beast sitting on the counter…

IMG_9780 IMG_9775

do you see a theme?


Yep… possible coconut addiction?
Well, I have been compared to coconut head in the past…

But that really isn’t either here nor  there…
[does anyone else miss Neds??]


[three: Above: Fossil Bag]

I have also recently been feeling my… desires for brand names creep back. Not good. This isn’t specific to bags, either. Though my current want is a Fossil Bag and wallet. This goes right into clothes, make up and more. God help me.

All in all…

All in all, it was a great week. It certainly had its ups and downs, but it was definitely an awesome week.

[Planning the Week of Sept 01-07]

Tentative weekly schedule:
Sunday: off
Monday: 10 minute warm up + Jessica Smith Tv Cardio Core
Tuesday: Hodgepodge toning focused on legs and arms.
Wednesday: 30 minute cardio
Thursday: BUTI
Friday: Same as Wednesday.
Saturday: Lower Body Barre

To do this Week
[one] Gotta go back… back… back to school again.
[two] Get older.

Week’s ED Goal
My goal(s) are the following:
[one] Stop the evening snack, unless hungry.
I have a habit of thinking I need to eat right before bed. Which, isn’t a bad thing, at all. I know this. In fact, I am so glad that I am at the point where I feel comfortable enough to do it. The issue is, I will let myself go hungry during the day in order to do so. So, instead, my evening snack will be a “if I need it”. I will eat more during the day, to hopefully stop this evening craving. If I work one night and am starving when I get home, a little snack is fine. I will also adhere to small pre-workout snacks in the AM. So, basically, I will start listening to my body more throughout the day. I am still living on a, albeit looser, meal plan. I am done with it. Or, I really want to be.
[two] Twice this week enjoy “forbidden foods”.


OK. I am done. This better work.

Way to let me down, WordPress. Way to let me down.



3 thoughts on “Weekly Review and Planning [09.01.2013]

  1. Happy early birthday! Congrats on your transition away from you job too!
    I used to have the same sort of attitude about night snacks and certain treats that I wanted to have. So I still strive to listen to my body when it does and does not need food, and not worry about “saving” my stomach for a later snack :)

    1. Thanks, girl ! :)
      I have been having a huge struggle with it lately. I also think boredom plays a role, because in my head (regardless of if I am hungry) I know that I restricted throughout the day to honour that snack. And I sit there thinking, ‘I need it’. So, I eat it. Then, it is like, my body registers it needs more fuel, and becomes insatiable. You know?

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