Fitness Focused Friday [08.30.2013]: The Smile Test


Topic: The Smile Test

 Do you lift?


Follow a DVD?


Hit the trails?


or, perhaps look in the other direction when someone says anything regarding ‘fitness’?


[Zooey says: Maybe if I do not look at her… she won’t take me for a walk… just maybe…]

Regardless of the ‘fitness’ choice you adhere to, there is an even larger – more important – question to be answered:

Do you smile?


Alright, alright, alright. So, let’s just for a moment say you’ve just completed a, I don’t know, 5k run; or, you just found it in yourself to pick up that really big and manly weight [for me that’d be like ten pounds, hehe] or something along those lines. You are dripping in sweat and your hair is all a muck. You pull out instagram and take a picture of yourself looking like you just went to a long swim, with a dopey smile on and a thumbs up. Alright, cool. [Please note: I have no issues with people who do this, I am simply referring to a small population of people amid these individuals. They will know who they are].  I have been there; I have done that. Only, without the addition of instagram because I only just got instagram [yes, in pursuit of making this blog more… real, I am turning to social media… never thought I would see the day].

But, I digress… big shock.

 Now, you’re done with your post-sweat photo op, patted yourself on the back and begin making your way [hopefully] to your bathroom to wash up and get ready for the day, or just generally clean off your body of stinky sweat. I’d say of about the whole group of people who take part in this practice, at least 40% of them are fakely smiling in their instagram photo. Maybe not every day, but I assume some days, they are.

Maybe I am putting the ol’ foot in mouth, but I truly believe this to be the case.


Because of this:

[one] [two]

fitsp1 fits2

and this…



[really guys?]

Alright ,so…

[one] I do not know about you guys, but if I am tired I stop. Lately I have gotten out of the habit of ‘timing’ my work outs (unless, of course, I have a place to be earlier in the morning and therefore need to ensure I do not spend too much time exercising). Why? Because each day your body begs for something different. Today, I debated: Do I want to dance like a fool until I can’t anymore? Or, should I do a nice walking/jogging interval work out?
The former one. Shakira and I were homegirls for about 30 minutes.

[two] This happens to be my least favorite quotation. Mostly due to that fact that I was WAY too committed to it in the past. I mean, technically, yes, if I miss a work out… it probably can not be defined as a “good work out” in that… it is non-existent, but this quotation implies that that is a bad thing. Like I said, our bodies on each day crave something different. Maybe one day, that something is rest [god forbid]. This quote indicates that if you skip out on a work out, regardless of why, you should feel a sense of shame. That’s a load of bullfog. What if you’re a mother and you’re child is sick, and therefore, you’re unable to work out? Or, you’re sick and are unable to work out? Or, you have a really tough work out the day before and are unable to work out? Should your honouring your body and opting against a sweat sesh be something you… regret? No! Life is full of beautiful and marvelous things. So, embrace them. Do not stay cooped up in the gym [or, if you’re alike me, the basement so you do not need to worry about people looking at your sad excuse for a bicep curl and laugh… or deal with jockish type guys lifting heavy like they’re god’s gift… not all of them, but eh some]. If you need to miss a work out… miss it.

[three] Look, jiggle happens. I was shocked when I saw this. If someone jiggles, it just means that have body fat. Is that really that much of a bad thing? Really? Women alone need fat to keep hormonal levels at a proper level as well as have the ability to have a child, one day and so much more.
If a little jiggle means I can be happy and healthy, jiggle me on.

So, the rule is simple:
IF you are going to commit to fitness, commit. But always take into practice the ‘smile’ test. If at the end of a work out you do not have a 100% genuine smile on your face, do not do that work out again. It’s straight-forward. Exercise is never to be force, ever. Only to be enjoyed. So enjoy it.

And live life right.



5 thoughts on “Fitness Focused Friday [08.30.2013]: The Smile Test

  1. *Clapping* Yes. I love this! It’s so easy to fall into the mindset that you HAVE to be dead after every workout, or else you’re not doing enough or you’re not pushing yourself. I kinda like the feeling of being wiped out after workouts, but NOT ALL the time. Otherwise, I’d be a beast (and not in a good way).
    (ps- I don’t wanna be a pain in the butt, but I think for [three] you meant *jiggle not giggle :) )

    1. Hahaha I did mean to put jiggle. In fact, I almost just wrote giggle again here. I think I have an issue with those two words!
      But I know. I love having intense works outs too, but I do not feel like I NEED to have them. In fact, sometimes I enjoy moderate or light work outs. After, I feel refreshed, which is far better (to me) than feeling fatigued. Work outs should be energizing and not take all our energy, right? :)

      :D Thanks for the comment girl!

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