First Official WIAW: Food Truths

I have always been some what… hesitant about joining the WIAW train. I love the idea of presenting to readers interesting eats, new meals, etc. But, I worried that deciding to do such a thing would force me to [one] feel embarrassed about some of my dietary normalities (or abnormalities), [two] feel a need to mentally watch everything going into my mouth on a given day and [three] feel the need to compare my daily eats with others.

Now, I know for a fact that none of the above are true reasons to post a WIAW. In fact, the whole point is to display to readers what healthy truly is for you! For some, that does not mean vegetables at every meal, and that is OK.

So, finally, I made a choice to do it. Why? To battle the reasons stated above. I should never feel embarrassed about what I choose to eat if it makes me feel good, right? Comparison only leads to self-hatred (something I am trying to rid myself of) and let’s be honest, I pretty much do keep a mental tally of what I eat. Not to restrict, but  – right now – to ensure I am getting enough :)

So, here goes.

A big thanks goes out to Jenn of course!
[confession number one: boring breakfast]


l always have oatmeal for breakfast. Always in the exact same bowl mug.

Often I will think to myself that I will have toast and perhaps something vegetable-y or egg like, with toast. But nope. By the time morning actually arrives, all I want is a big bowl of oatmeal.
I do often go a little crazy. Adding different fruits [left: blueberries and banana, right: nectarine and banana]. There s ALWAYS banana though, and almond butter and yogurt or cottage cheese.

 [confession two:  I suck at lunches]


Lately I have been ‘grazing’ at lunch time. I am never sure if I am hungry or bored. So I’ll have a ‘half lunch’…only to find I am hungry again later…


and again later..

.IMG_9726 IMG_9532

[insert spoon]This is honestly something I hate about myself. OK, not hate. Dislike. Why? Because I enjoy sitting down to a good meal, but when lunch comes I am always like: ugh, I do not know what I want! So I have a little bit of this and a little bit of that, but I never feel fully satisfied.  I plan to make it my goal to enjoy a full meal at lunch every this next week (Wednesday-Wednesday).[confession three:  I could not live without cereal]

IMG_9536 IMG_9603

I LOVE cereal. LOVE IT. For, like, six months I did not eat it at all. Why? Because I had this weird feeling that it would cause me to get fat. You know, god forbid I gain 10 or so pounds at be at a healthy weight..I honestly do not crave most grains. I like bread (as shown above with cheese) and I like cereal! I prefer the crispiness to toast and crunch to cereal. I never really crave “chewy” grains, like rice or tortilla. I do like a good pita though (but, to be honest, I mostly want to enjoy pita because I foresee ample pita in the house in my future…. Baba, let’s get both white and whole wheat varieties, okay?  Cereal is my all-time favourite starch. Often, I’ll just eat cereal(s) a little bread, some sweet potato and veggies galore and call my “carb” intake fulfilled.[confession four: I love simple coffee….]IMG_9720  IMG_9539

I am not into big fancy coffee. Yes, I do like flavour [above is a mixture of french vanilla and regular ol’ joe] but I do not like crazy expensive name brands for coffee. My all-time favorite coffee is Maxwell House. I just love the simple taste. It isn’t anything showy, just coffee. Quite similar to the coffee itself the only thing I ever add is a few splashes of True Almond milk. And done.[confession five: I love food]Sometimes it is hard to listen to your body and give it what it wants, when it wants it. But trust me, you need to. I love food. And I hate that I’ve gone through so much hurt in regards to food. Perhaps next week I will most a legitimate ‘this is everything I ate today’, but I might just take ‘WIAW’ and make it my own, focusing on the topic of my relationship with food.Do not compare. Just eat. :)



6 thoughts on “First Official WIAW: Food Truths

  1. Do not feel bad AT ALL about what you eat! Everyone is different and has different habits. Did you read the main WIAW page? It’s all about not judging and respecting everyone! I personally love your eats. They sound a lot like mine. I eat pretty much the same everyday. Stay on the WIAW bandwagon! :D

    1. I have yes! I know the point but struggling with an ED (in recovery) makes it hard to do that sometimes because I am so hard on myself. :) But I knew I needed to just giv’er. I always feel like I should be eating this or that, or fear I am eating too much! SILLY

      Thanks for checking me out :) I certainly will

  2. Hi Caitlin! Welcome to WIAW and your first post here! It’s not scary here at all and I think your food look just fine! Is that a Beauty and the Beast mug?!? So Cute. Have a great day and hope to see you here on many more WIAW’s!!!

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