Wonderful weekend

First things First:

Status update for my personal “keep it scheduled” goal.
Today’s Work Out:
A 35 minute kick-boxing work out, focused on core-work and cardio :)
[Compliments of JessicaSmithTV]
It was a good, solid work out, I must say. :) Good choice, Caitlyn.


Get your eyes loaded on this bad boy right here:
IMG_9652 IMG_9649

I’m going to give you a few minutes bask in… cake.

Have you done? Are you well ‘basked’?

– – –

This weekend was an amazing weekend. I mean, it started out pretty standard. Grocery shopping…



[cue the she sound-clip ‘reunited and it feels so good’]
Why are you looking at a box of cereal named after a bird indigenous to the North Pacific Ocean?

Well, about a year ago or so, I LOVED Puffins. I ate them daily. They had this perfect crunch and paired so nicely with a good bowl o’ Greek.  Then, all of a sudden, I decided I could not eat ‘corn’ or ‘corn-based’ products. So, anything that included corn was officially OFF the menu. To this day I do not remember why. However on my last trip to the grocery store, I bought one of these boxes and I have not looked back.
I also used to swear off peanut butter…
and breads…
[new, weird food related love: bread with cheese and mustard, toasted]

Regardless, words cannot explain how happy I am to be back on the Puffin bandwagon.

After grocery shopping, a little magic happened…
IMG_9620 IMG_9621

IMG_9639 IMG_9640

My idea of being my mother’s assistant translates into me dancing around the kitchen taking photos, and reading to her the recipe.
I work for cheap!


[Zooey says, “OK guys. I get it. I got sick and we think that it was people food related. So I say, if I can’t eat people food… you should not make it…”]

After some high-class baking, the weekend really began.

Tomorrow mark’s mine and Omar’s two-year anniversary (ergo cake). Today also marks my mother’s birthday (ergo cake).  Since it is kind of hard to go and do something mid-week for your Anniversary, Omar treated me to a night at the Prince George Hotel, along with a dinner at my favourite, local restaurant, The Wooden Monkey.

Our Stay

[not my photo, from the Prince George website]

First of all, I enjoyed the stay quit a bit.  The bed was comfortable, the bath tub was pleasant (although I am not huge on taking baths) and the whole feel was… elegant. The only thing I can honestly say I did not enjoy was the cheesecake. When we first checked in we stayed in the room for a little while, enjoying each other’s company before embarking upon a much needed visit to The Wooden Monkey.

The Wooden Monkey
If you have never been to Nova Scotia, you should probably come for this place right here:

[again, not my picture. found at truja wellness; I did not bring my camera on account of I was spending time with Baba]

The main idea of the Monkey is a fresh and local, but enjoyable by most everyone. There is steak, salad, quinoa bowls, burgers, pizza, multigrain brains and crostini… the menu, while not extremely lengthy, has something for each and every person. Following your meal, you could help yourself to one of their all-natural desert menu.

Baba opted for the Lemon Chicken with rice and steamed veggies (of which I enjoyed some of), and I got the apple salad, with chicken and goat cheese and a mustard honey dressing. We began our meal with the classic dip and pita appie (we did a double: hummus and pita + sun dried tomato and feta dip with crostini).

While the food is nothing short of extraordinary, the real reason to go to the Monkey is the environment. Low-key, nothing fancy, straight-forward service. The staff is very well-versed about not only menu options, but dietary restrictions and preferences. If you’re vegan, gluten or dairy intolerant, allergic to nuts or seeds, every entree is easy to adjust for your comfort! Trust me, being the dietary tennis ball I am, I have had to ask several different things of these people.

The one issue I do have about the Monkey is the length of time you could be waiting for your meal. Baba and I arrived there at 4:30ish and did not finish up until six. This is definitely due to the nature of the work. The staff list if pretty small, and the turn out is pretty grande. The whole place is two levels (plus outdoor dining in warmer weather). So, the waiter and waitresses have a lot of ground to cover. That said, when your food comes, it is worth it.

– – –

All in all the weekend was amazing. Baba and I enjoyed a relaxing night in and then spent the next morning watching shows, walking the water front and exploring the Market. We enjoyed some lunch and headed home to meet up with Mama and Dad for a feast (for Baba t least) of steak, ribs and salad (I had tilapia).

After which we dug in:



The cake was good, but the raspberry cream cheese icing was delish! Definitely something we will keep again.


[Zooey is still a bit sad about yesterday]

[Raspberry Frosting Recipe and Original Website: Cream Cheese Raspberry Frosting]

– – –

All in all, if was just one of those perfect weekends. I spent time with Baba, faced some fears, shed to tears, and fell in love all over again.
I love you Baba.
I love you Mom.
I love you all.

Perfect weekend,
Now let’s have an even better week


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