Weekly Review and Planning – August 25th.

I feel as though my blog requires an alliteration day.

While I do often think of something worth writing about, some days I do come on here and think, ‘I want to write, but I got nothin’.’ It is enough to cause an aspiring columnist to feel ill.

If you are a writer of any sort, you probably know what it feels like to get that ting. You could see a lea f, a plastic bag and boom! a story. But, sometimes, even if that story comes to you, the approach does not. OK, maybe you want to discuss, say, elephants. But how? Do you want to discuss how elephants are awesome creatures, or why they are considered ‘good luck’ should their trunks be up in the air, but not low to the ground… what of elephants, really?

I constantly find myself in this boat. Although very rarely is the topic of choice elephants [but now that I think about it…]. Usually what I will do is start a post pertaining to the topic-at-hand, but never finish it. Eventually I forget about it only to find it months later as a ‘draft’.


[case and point]

So what I have come to decide is that I require one or three days of ‘set’ topics. I am not rigid that the topic needs to start with the same letter as the day, but alliteration does always bring a certain something to a title.

After brainstorming for about… ten minutes now [clearly I am putting a lot of thought into this], I have decided that my two days will be as follows:

[one] Saturday: Weekly Review and Planning
Getting back into school in T minus 12 sleeps, the fear of letting my blog fall by the waistband (again) creeps up. While I DO know in the grand scheme of things, a blog is not usually something that should hold such priority, for me it does.  Why? In all honesty, I attribute a lot of my personal recovery to blogging. By having an outlet to write about my struggles, I have been able to really see where I am weak and where I need to improve. Similarly, looking at the growth of other individuals, such as Amanda, Claire, Lee and Meg I have been able to really see that I am NOT alone, at all. Because of this, I know I need to blog. Not to mention, my blog is something I want to have for years. There is nothing I am more passionate about the wellness and writing.
As a result, some planning will need to be made.


Because my schedule will be forever changing each week I will plan – generally speaking – things I need to do in order to keep myself on top of things! This could include a tentative work out schedule, meal plan ideas, errands that need to be run, my weekly ‘recovery’ goal etc. :)
This post will also include a look back at the week past. Things that happened that made me smile, things I tried, you name it, it’ll be here. This will also include any hard moments, fitness or otherwise, I exerpienced during the week. And furthermore, my plans to not let those things happen again.

[two] Tuesday:  Therapeutic Thoughts and Thinkies
This day will be two-fold! First there will be serious and though-provoking things regarding wellness and being happy. But also! I will include any weird or unusual thoughts I have (trust me, there are a lot).
[three] Friday:  Fitness for Mind, Body and Soul
Fridays will be devoted to fitness, but in MY way. Other than giving you fitness tips on how to get lean and sexy, I will offer you fitness tips which I think inspire the soul, and exercise both the mind and body. So, this day will not always been about physical fitness but all facets of fitness :)

So! Without further ado


Weekly Review

[1] Work Outs – This week my work outs were mostly good, although I do think I over did it a few days this week. So, I ensured that my work out this morning was lighter and will take a full rest day tomorrow.  All in all, I feel I am becoming less-and-less dedicated to working out so routinely, which is a good thing. Parts of me are even considering one day start a two-rest day per week scheduling.

[2] Diet – This week I found myself feeling unsatisfied more often that not. I do not know why, though. It was rather annoying, but I kept eating, which is all that matters. My meals even included…gummy bears. :) Poor little guys.

[3] Future/school – After a lot of though, I dropped a course. I was taking five this semester, but after a lot of thinking, opted against that. I excelled quite well handling four classes and this year I will be working more, engaged in my volunteer work and have a heavier course load.

[4] Girly – I have done my make up EVERY day since saying that I was going to start!


While I am still a novice make up artist, I think I rock the BB cream pretty good ;)

[5] Random – This past week I have become obsessed with it again…

I thought I was over it, but… it is too addictive…


[6] Failures – My nails are looking ROUGH

IMG_9596 IMG_9598

The issue is I have spent the last two weeks debating between these three colors…
Talk about indecisiveness.

Planning Week August 25th

Work out Schedule:
[Mon] 20 minutes dance + core work, and additional yoga or walking
[Tues] BUTI work out
[Wed] 20 minutes dance + step work out, and yoga flow
[Thurs] Barre work out for arms and legs – CoreFushion / Ballet Beautiful
[Fri] Moderate cardio work – 30 min Jessica Smith walking fusion
[Sat] Toning arms and glutes (BUTI and Barre)

To Do This week:

[1] Wish Mamabear a happy birthday :D :D :D :D
[2] Work my rump off.
[3] Say I love you to Baba (two years, baba <3)
[4] Go to the doctor and straighten out a bunch of stuff!
[5] School supply shopping!

Baba I hope you know that ‘cuteness’ will be a factor in choosing binders and such :)
[6] Say Good – Bye to my current job…

Weekly Recovery Goal:
One day this week I need to enjoy chocolate bar. Not 100% dark chocolate…. milk chocolate :) It does not have to be a whole bar… but not a nibble. Also… eat some cake :).

On that note… :)

Stay lovely,



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