So weird.

It has been over 365 days since I last did it.

Over a year since I spend ample time stressing over it. Focusing on ever little detail…

Worrying about how it would appear to others…

Sitting amid a pile of Kleenexs which lay as evidence of my stress and mistakes…

But for some reason…

I want to do it… again.

I want to start doing my make up…

I was not born with it…

Now, just so you know about a year and a half ago I made a commitment to not doing my make for one very good, very true reason.

I am actually the worst make up applicator there has been or will be.

First off, I look at the foundation stuff and get confused.

I am pale, so just give me a colour that is pale and send me on my way. Right?

No, wrong! 

Apparently – much to my surprise – there are like… ten forms of ‘pale’, none of which I seem to be. So I end up having to mix two forms of pale to reach my specific form of pale, leaving me with a less than desirable substance on my face…
But it doesn’t end there.

Then there is this whole concept of “contouring” which for some reason I just do not understand. Yet again, I am given an option of one-thousand shades of blush, of which I am suppose to choose the most optimal shade to blend with my skin tone without looking like a rendition of Ronald MacDonald.  Following that, I am told to ‘enhance’ my eye colour. Now, you think this would be a fairly easy task, but again I am left with one too many options and one too few skills.

Before I know it, I am plummeting to the main event…
I am already at the point where my goal was :

And somehow I came out looking like:

And now I am staring dead in the eyes.. er, eye… of eye liner.

Proof of lack of make up use: It took me exactly 20 minutes to locate this bad banana.

OK. So I might… might… be overreacting. But still, the point is there: I have always sucked at putting on make up. I recall very well my past experiences with make up. There would be a nice of times I would “do my make up” only to have someone look at me and say “really?… where is it?” So, contrary to my little example provided above, my problem is not over-application, but under.

However for some reason lately, I have been looking at my stash of make up (which, is very large considering) all dusty and untouched, thinking to myself
Self… perhaps it is time to start up again… maybe it just is’ 

My issues are as follows:
1. I hate the feeling of foundation and powder
2. I always get make up in my eyes, rather than around them.
3. Blending is not my fortay.

For some reason, I cannot shake this… desire of mine to wear make up.

My plan of action, tentatively, is
1) Decide against foundation and powder and instead opt for tinted moisturisers.
2) Use lighter colors…
3) Practice on Zooey until I can perfect my craft!
IMG_9456 IMG_9457 IMG_9458

Her level of interest in being my victim seems as though it does run a wee-bit on the low spectrum, much to my dismay.

As you can notice, I decided to take some snap shots for this post. Due to my growing interest in reclaiming my love of the lens, I am going to supplement my posts with photos. Please do note that these photos will not be the most beautiful you’ve seen, but they will be the best I can do. My goal is to merely get back into it! In fact, my plan following posting this is to step outside and take a few! I am pumped. :)

As a result of this post lacking.. depth, today might be a two-poster. I just need to think of something abyss-like to talk about.



2 thoughts on “So weird.

  1. I can totally relate to this post! There are so many different makeup options and they can get overwhelming at time. Whenever I walk into a Sephora or Mac, I feel so lost hahah!

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