I am the girl who… [picture edition]

Just as I promised, another post today.


While I do think my growing interest in make up is something to be well documented, I feel like I could probably talk about something slightly more… interesting.

Like me. 

I am becoming more and more passionate about making this blog both interesting and motivating. So, without further ado, I thought I would make a “about me” post… picture style!

Because I am again using my camera.


I am the girl who…

Is obsessed with barre and yoga at-home DVDS…


[something about these DVDs bring me joy]

never exceeds 5 lbs when ‘lifting’ weights.

[look, I am a slight girl]

Has both “Curious George Adventures” and “Criminal Profiling by Turvey” in her bookcase.


[sometimes a girl just can’t choose between monkey and man…]

Prefers to eat out of dishes with owls or Disney Princess’s on them.


[I am turning… what? 22… what?]

Would be a millionaire if someone somewhere decided to give her money for her green tea consumption.


[I rep the Keurig]

Probably should own shares in nut butters…

[Coconut Peanut butter for the win]

Opted to buy “Bobs” over “Toms” because “Bobs” were cheaper… :)


[Basically, I am a student with limited funds]

Like Boston Bruins solely because her father does

[That said, I would not pee on a maple leaf]

Loves taking photos of flowers, probably more than anything else

IMG_9484 IMG_9482

but also digs a good garden canoe photo op


[baba, prepare yourself for a garden canoe or two]

A girl who sees this and cries…


…because she misses her grampy dearly.


[rest in peace, grampy; I love you]

Who actually lets herself get excited about new chip flavours and tries them…


[these were … eh… Sorry, Lucas Crafword, ya ain’t got my vote]

Who never says no to a good slice of cake


[and often steals a bit every time she passes the kitchen table… the proof is in the pudding the crumbles]



lets herself eat a WHOLE banana a day


[god for-freakin’-bid]


never leaves home for long without her yoga mat.


[ya always gotta be prepared to get your OM on].

I’m the daughter to a beautiful mother, a loving father;
A friend to a few people girls who always make me feel good;
A girlfriend to someone who is perfect beyond belief;
A sister to a four-legged furry friend;
A writer;
A yogi;
A girl.

I’ve come so far, and I am so proud.

This is who I am right now, today.
And this is who I will always be.

: )



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