Bothers, BUTI and Broccoli

I sometimes become bothered and can’t put my finger on why. I think and think and think and … nothing. Not a thing.

Last night was one of those nights, so I displaced my level of anger on silly things – none of which made sense. This morning when I woke up it occurred to me what happened.

Something happens to some one, something bad, and you expect them to be open minded and understanding. You anticipate no judgement, prematurely or otherwise, regarding people unlike them; you think they know what it is like to be … a minority, so they would not harbour ignorance toward other minority groups.

You would be wrong.

I do not know if it is how I was raised, or the people I socialized with, but I have always been very much a believer that no matter who stigmas attach themselves to a certain ‘type’ of person, I will refrain from holding any judgement until I know that person as an individual. Regardless if the media, reality and truth are against me, I will not believe a ‘stigma’ until it is proven true in that specific situation.

Basically what I am saying is that I know that there are stigma’s in this world that exist because they are – in many ways – true. Not in all cases, but in many. However for me the notion that these stigmas are not true in ALL cases is enough to warrant my own choice to not adhere to them until give good reason. Maybe it is true that most people of X group behave in this way or that way, but until a specific individual who identifies with that X group behaves this way or that way, I will never assume that that specific individual is just another carbon copy of the rest.

That was a mouth full.

No one is a cookie cutter. Like I mentioned in my last post, I almost prefer people do not attach to their choices completely. Instead, I advocate that people pick or choose the bits from each facet of a choice that makes them most happy. The cookie-cutter-less reality is similar to that notion. Just like none of us should try to tailor our lives choices into a cookie cutter shape as dictated b society, we should also refrain from doing the same thing with our own personality and manor. Instead we should pick of choose the aspects of our certain “groups” we identify with that speak to us, adhere to them, while still being an individual in ourself.

I know this is probably not making a lot of sense, but it does not have to. My point it two-fold: don’t let yourself prove the stigma right and do not stigmatize other people.

Stimgas are silly.

In other news, I gave BUTI fitness another go.


When I first tried it, I thought:
I am not trying to have sex with myself… I am trying to work out.

So, I stopped completely. I laughed at it, made jokes about the trusts, but… well, I am a convert.

First of all, BUTI work outs – from what I can tell – are pretty much only for women. It is a work out that allows you to feel sexy and empowered as a woman. Combining elements of yoga, tribal and hip hop dance with some plyometric work. Originally I did not enjoy BUTI because of the plyometric work and the fact that it required me to just… shake my rump.

Still, I am a bit iffy on the plyometrics, only because right now my body does not want such high intensity, so I usually lower the intensity of those moments for myself. But the rump skaking. Well… that is a whole other store.

Lately, along with project Trust yourself, sub-project Feel Sexy has arisen. Typically speaking my self esteem is low. Obviously. I never feel good, or sexy or anything. BUTI honestly gives me that umph. Just like my free-style dancing.

What I love about it is, you will do something really… interesting and nonyoga-y for a bit, then you’ll stretch deep into a yoga posture. Oddly, it makes this really amazing balance. After the work out, I did not feel overly worked either. The plyometrics were well placed to not be too intense, but enough to get you feeling good. It was awesome.

I did not like some of the transitioning, however. It felt a bit jerky to me – almost like it did not actually belong. There was one move…. this move:

Yah… this just wasn’t happening. Basically, you’re like this, and then you’re like shaking your groove thing. Not easy. While a really good shoulder work out, I felt like a fool doing it. Perhaps it is just my inability.  This bridge thing aside, the work out was awesome. Definitely something I would try again. And again.

Lastly, today when I was putting together my lunch, I remembered what my nutritionist had told me:
Veggies after.

Honestly, we don’t need as many vegetables as you think. Of course we need them, but they should not take away from the other foods we also need just as much (whole grains, lean proteins, healthy fats, etc). Now, while I am totally a fan of the green, I think that my love for the green might be purely driven by… the low caloric content.

Everything needs to be in balance. Nothing is truer than this statement.

Point is, today was the first day my lunch did not resemble a forest, but a town with a small forest inside of it. The town had all the essentials including the much-needed forest. Fortunately, you were not lost amid a bunch of trees. While this might seem a small feat, to me, it was huge! Lately I have really been trying to balance my plate properly. It’s been hard, but I have been trying. What I have come to discover is is that although important, eating too many vegetables can be just as bed as eating too much greasy food. After a plate full of low cal, high volume foods you’ll feel full, but not at all satisfied; you’ll get 50% per cent of the nutritional needs, but you’ll be missing some much more.

While I do not think you need the seven-eleven recommended servings of grains a day, I do think grains are important. I believe you should aim for at least the three servings of whole grains a day, and then two additional servings of starches or grains. Why? Grains and starches give us a lot of energy. Energy is important. I also do not think it is healthier to stop eating meats, or dairy. Whatever works for your body. All I know is, a diet consisting of mostly/only vegetables will never last.

And this is coming from me… queen of green.



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