tuv luv | don’t wake me I plan on sleeping

So, evidently in my pursuit to do a survey (a high simple task, I will add)  missed the letters “T”, “U” and “V”, much to my mother’s dismay. So without further ado, here is a little TUV for you.

T is for favorite treat I feel like this has many subcategories which I could fit into. Are we talking… food? Are we talking… not food? So perhaps, only two subcategories… But I digress. In terms of food my favourite treat would have to be… cake. And not just any old cake. No no. I am talking about my a very particular cake…


In terms of non food related, I would have to say , uh, really good hair days. You know those days when you virtually do nothing and your hair just looks great? And then, really nice weather. For two reasons: (1) because it is really good weather and really good weather is… prime and then (2) because on the aforementioned ‘good hair days’, ‘good weather’ days help to maintain. It just is all around good. 

U is for something that makes you unique I would have to say the way I word things. I know that might sound, odd… but I can take a very easy sentence and word it in a way that you probably have never heard before. I kind of think it is a result of one too many episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Gilmore Girls and Dawson’s Creek. I insert pop culture references, the letter ‘y’ and much more into my sentences. I only say this because I often get looked at like a weirdo mid-sentence. Though it is quite possible that that is not a result of my jargon of choice… But that is neither here no there. :)

V is for favorite vegetable Mushrooms and brussel sprouts. I could just eat a bowl of mushrooms plain and be delighted. Same is true of brussel sprouts.

In other news!

I officially received email of being on my University’s Dean’s List. Which is pretty exciting, I should say. In all honesty I worry about getting too excited about this. I have a heavier load this semester, plus volunteer, plus work. While I am trying to remind myself that, my letter grade is not the most important thing, I still fear I will forget and push myself. I will try not to.

Currently embarking upon my second ‘rest’ day. In all honesty, I am enjoying it. First of all, my two following work outs post rest are… amazing. I am thinking about making my  Wednesday work out a bit lighter – like moderate cardio and core work. This is mostly because I want to ensure when I do work out, it is at my best ability.

This morning when my alarm (I have it pre set all week so I do not forget to set it during the week), I did not feel the need to get up. It was kind of nice. Naturally within about 20 minutes I was awake and wanted to get out of bed, but knowing that I could just stay in bed was relaxing – and taking that extra 20 minutes was very liberating.

I am officially re-thinking my former post on Buti Fitness. Why?

A Buti work out is very… there is a lot of thrusting and bouncing and hip shaking. To me, in the past, this was kind of… not wrong but not for me. In the past week, I took up dancing. As I mentioned, instead of thinking about my work outs so much, I put on music and did what naturally came to me. After a while, it occurred to my that what “naturally” came to me, was hip shaking and a lot of ‘tribal-like’ movements, balanced by ballet style footwork. Then of course yoga elements.

As a result, I did some more research on this so-called “Buti Revolution”. First of all, it is a woman’s work out. I am a woman. Second of all, the main premise is to free your mind and boy. I want to do both. I think the main reason I looked away from Buti was because it advocated a more ‘sexy’ kind of work out I was not ready for. But now, I want to just go and move. So Buti is perfect for me

And lastly, I am about to make a big change in my life. I am scared – scared as heck. But I know I need to do it. I know it is the right time for me. Sometimes, in life, you need to just take a jump, Jack. And when you do, don’t look back. Just let go. Change can be a scary thing; change can be terrifying. You need it though.

Sometimes you really do.



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