Because sometimes you just need to lighten up.

A is for age:
I am exactly 21 years old. However if you asked… well, anyone, they would rather say (a) three or (b) eighty. It will vary.

B is for breakfast today:
Oatmeal made with cottage cheese, egg whites and banana, topped with some cereal berries and coconut peanut butter.


C is for currently craving
You know I am not really craving anything. The sun is shining, I am watching a movie about babies. Life is good.
I have been wanting Puffins REAL bad though

D is for dinner tonight
There is chicken, rice, veggies and avocado. :)

E is for favorite type of exercise
This is a triad! Yoga, dancing and barre :)
Lately I have been living to just move my body to music.

 F is for irrational fear
Have you ever seen Pet Sematary? Do you know who Zelda is? ‘Nuff said.
That girl be freaky.

G is for gross food
Oddly enough I can not think of a food I would label as “gross”. I do not love squid. The texture freaks me out. I feel like it isn’t right. But I would not call it gross, but not to my taste. I am also not at all big on steak. Or anything red meaty. Something about there being blood in my food before I cook it… weirds me out.

H is for hometown
Halifax, Nova Scotia. Woop woop :)

I is for something important
Family. Whatever that is for you. Perhaps it isn’t your biological or nuclear family (for me, it is), but rather your friends or the people you work with, even… whomever it is… they are by far the most important people in your life. For me that is my mother, my father, my pooch, my three best friends and … baba.
This boy, right here is a huge part of my family. :) I love him.

This was really depressing.
Snapshot_20130816_1 Snapshot_20130816_2 Snapshot_20130816_3 Snapshot_20130816_4 Snapshot_20130816_5 Snapshot_20130816_7

I thought, you know, get a picture of me and my dog… in a tender moment.
No dice.

J is for current favorite jam
I have always been a blackberry or blueberry jam kind of gal.  I do not care for strawberry. Odd.

K is for kids
If you know me but at all you would know my passion for anything small and human like. The mere idea of being able to birth a child is one of my biggest dreams, and the possibility of being unable to bring a child to full term my greatest fear. One day, I hope.

L is for current location
My rump. My coach. My home.



M is for the most recent way you spent money

N is for something you need
Groceries. And probably school supplies. :D

O is for occupation
Currently, I work at a local retail establishment (or two) selling home goods. It’s grand.

P is for pet peeve
I really do not like tickled or rubbed. I HATE it. It sends shivers down my spine. And meanie pant bus drivers.

Q is for a quote:


R is for random fact about you
If you really watch my walk, I do so on my tip toes. Like, 75% of the time I walk on the front pads of my feet. The heel rarely touches. Weird, I know. What can ya do? I just really wish I were a ballerina. :(

S is for favorite healthy snack
Cereal and yogurt with almond butter. Or cereal with apples and cottage cheese.
I just really like cereal.

W is for today’s workout:
I danced for about 15 minutes, then pulled out my love CoreFusion for some nice arm and thigh work

I love them.


X is for X-rays you’ve had
And ultrasound… does that count?

Y is for yesterday’s highlights:
I would have to say…. either,
(a) seeing baba
(b) seeing baba.

Z is for your time zone:
Atlantic. Apparently. I had to ask Marmie.

My bog has been pretty heavy in terms of recovery lately. A lot of food, exercise and fitness, but very little fun.

SO I decided to have some fun.




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