What it means… to me.

A few days ago my boyfriend asked me a very interesting question.

Upon hearing my phone vibrate, I looked over to see a somewhat lengthy text message from my Baba. It read:

‘Caitlyn, I have a question and it might be hard to answer. What does ‘healthy’ mean to you?’

Since I am… me, and have an issue letting people know how things affect me in the moment, I gave him a confident and sure answer of “balance”.  Well thought out, right? Immediately following this, I actually began to think about it. Rather than simply stating “balance”, I dove even further into the abyss that is my mind and asked myself: what does balance mean, though?

Over the past few days I’ve been really thinking about what and who I look at in terms of ‘health’ and admire. Before, I would probably say Tosca Reno. And while I still think she’s great, she is no longer my number one, at all. It has turned to a very specific women.

1. Sadie Lincoln of Barre3
2. Mary Hellen Bower of Ballet Beautiful
3. Tara Stiles
4. A slew of women bloggers*


Because the advocate a healthy lifestyle. They don’t just promote exercise.

If you were to look at each girl listed above’s website, I will assure you that they’re methods and philosophies on health are… balanced. They’re not about showing off, or trying to prove anything of themselves. They’re just about being happy. For them.

As a part of my goal(s), I want to focus on working to be happy… for me. As I have mentioned in posts before this will (most importantly include)

1. Weekly goals to end my poor relationship with food and stress.
2. One or two unhealthy indulgences a week.
3. One complete day of rest from exercise.
4. Listening to my body 100%
5. Giving into… what I want to do in terms of exercise.

Lately, I’ve been studying my Ballet Beautiful book as well as “barre/yoga” exercises online. Why? Because that is what I like. I’ve been studying the movements and processes in hopes to be able to design work outs FOR ME. No one else. ME.

What would my ideal work out week look like?

Sunday: Rest
Monday: Cardio with toning elements (light toning; no weights)
Tuesday: Upper body and core work
Wednesday:  Legs and glutes
Thursday: Cardio with toning elements (light toning; no weights)
Friday: Arms and legs
Saturday: Glutes and core

I know over the past few weeks I’ve created and recreated new and exciting work out plans, of which you are all (I am sure) tired of. But the the truth of the matter is that recently I have felt lost in my routine. I want to tone down cardio and amp up yoga, strength and everything else.

To me, the cardiovascular benefits found in yoga and barre are good on their own – if you let them. That does no mean I think you should not incorporate any form of pure low impact cardio, I just mean I am not going to let it rule my schedule. I also found that seven days was too much. It was like I ran out of things to do and would get bored.  I was not happy. The above – regardless of its similarities to former work out plans – will work FOR ME.

This also leached into my food. What does eating healthily mean… FOR ME?

Well, essentially it means balance. It means letting myself enjoy foods I am suppose to, and letting myself also enjoy foods I am not suppose to. Balance is key.  Right now I am not totally ready to abandon all forms of dietary calculation. It will come with time. I know this and I am not pushing it. Cake is not the enemy, and neither is chocolate. Fats and carbohydrates are needed. Period.

Last Week’s Goal: Take a complete rest day
Status: Complete
Difficulty: All in all it was not that hard. I woke up around the same time but just stayed in bed and enjoyed the rest. Emphasis on enjoyed. My diet, surprisingly, did not change. I was still a hungry panda. In fact, I think I felt MORE hungry then I usually do (possible related to other things though… like monthly issues and a strenuous evening of lifting and moving heavy furniture to paint walls). The key thing is, I ate. One thing we need to remember about our bodies is that they do not work like a battery pack or something. It is not like we go to sleep, recharge, and everyting that happened prior to becomes void. Our bodies are being constantly affected by the things that we do. So, if you’re active, you body will require the energy each day. If you are not active for a while, you will most likely see a change (decreased hunger levels) but nothing is in stone. So always listen to you body first. You are not going to get hungry if you’re not hungry.

This weeks Goal (s):
(1) Continue with rest day
(2) Completely stop calorie counting; balance plates nto days.

Lately I have adhered to ensuring I get my servings. But I will still count. There is still this fear that I will go over. But I am trying to gain weight. Regardless the plan is to ensure that  I do not go UNDER my needs (5-6 grain, 3-4 protein, 3, 3 fruit, 5-6 veg, 4 tsp oils) and balance out my plates to ensure I get this. Most important, I need to rely on this solely (for now) over calories. When you get into numbers like that it almost gets too time consuming and you look the happiness factor of food. So this weeks challenge is to spend a whole week not considering the calorie of any food.
Again remember – as soon as I do it, I fail. I will keep you posted.

A reminder of OVERALL Rules
1. No going under needs
2. No high impact/intensity work outs; follow you work out plan above.
3. One or two treats a week
4. Weekly goals

Wish me luck

Mentioned blogs;

http://www.myfoodandfitnessdiaries.com, http://www.pbfingers.com, http://www.gothextramile.com, http://www.adashofmeg.com, http://www.anutritionisteats.com, http://www.eatliverun.com, http://www.fitting-it-all-in.com, http://www.fitnessista.com


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