Project: Trust yourself.

Research? I’ve done it.
Food. I understand how it works.
Fitness? it isn’t rocket science.
Recovery? That’s a whole other store.
Being OK with what comes with it? Harder than I thought it’d be.

If you asked me to write a half-decent (or, perhaps better) essay, I would feel confident that I’d be able to think something up. While it mightn’t be something that would get an award, it would no doubt gain the interest of some people.
If told to to something at work I had never done before, I would trust that I be completely competent to read the material, understand the process as best as possible and then do it.
For some reason I do not trust myself in terms of food or fitness at all. Two things I actually know a heck of a lot about. If someone came to me and asked a question, I would be able to – without hesitation – answer it. But when I ask a question… I can’t.
During one of my discussions with my nutritionist she informed me that it seemed as though the big issue here was mostly that I just did not trust myself to be able to make the right choices. And furthermore, I did not trust my body enough to know how to handle those choices.

It is true. I do not trust my own judgement on my own body.  And you’d swear I thought my body was a complete idiot.

As a result, I am turning into Plan:  Trust Yourself (and your doctor/fitness & nutrition guide). There are three rules and they’re all pretty simple.

1. Follow no work out program, DVD or anything. Once a week design a work out program using what you know and the schedule you have for the seven days. Ensure my meet the requirements as stated below.
2. Follow no diet plan but the one you’ve created for yourself (and created by your nutritionist) as shown below.
3. Adhere to the 80/20 rule. Meaning once or twice a week let yourself indulge in something! Cake, cookies, you name it.
4. Meet ALL goals in terms of food requirements and do not go below the minimums.
5. Meet one improvement goal per week.
6. Meet one goal per week. This could be ANY goal.

As a result of this, I plan to document my goals/fitness regiment and food plans at the end of one post per week. This is mostly for me so do not feel the need to read it at all.

Meal/Dietary Guide

Two years ago, my nutritionist gave me a ‘template’ meal plan. She said should I follow this meal plan generally, that I will lead a healthy and happy life in terms of food. I did not follow it. Now, with what she gave me, my knowledge of my body and my knowledge of what it is I like in terms of food I’ve designed me own generalized meal plan. While I know it may seem counterproductive to create a meal plan like this, I honesty do enjoy balancing my diet. It does make my body feel good.
The issue is sometimes I can become kind of… stringent or unwilling to stray. I need to remind myself that these are guidelines, not restrictions. If I have more fruits one day… or additional fat another, I need to remind myself that as long as it is REAL food… my body will understand.

5-6 (minimum of 6) servings of whole grains or starchy vegetables*;
4-6 servings of green or fiber-rich vegetables;
3-4 servings of healthy proteins
3-4 servings of dairy
3 servings of fruit
4 tsp worth of oils or fats
And most importantly
1-2 servings per week of indulgent foods. That means you cake that is sitting in my kitchen right now.

Each meal (breakfast, lunch and dinner) must include the follow:
1)1-2 servings of fruit OR 2-3 servings of vegetables OR a combination of the two
2) 1-2 servings of grains/starches or more vegetables/fruit
3) 1 serving of protein or 1 serving of dairy or a combination of the two.
4) Indulgent foods will be indulgent sized and will therefore NOT be the size of your cuticle.

* This is currently the most important on my list. My fears have been anything starchy and/or grain-y. I need to get over this fear. Which means, I need to start eating this stuff regularly.

Snacks should be small combinations of healthy proteins and fruits/vegetables/grains.

– – –

The over-all goal here is to remind myself that both my body and I can make its own choices. I often become some bogged down by what he says or she says, instead of what I want. If I want a slice of pie… I should be allowed to enjoy it. Alternatively, if I really don’t want a slice of pie, I should not have to eat it. I am not trying to impress anyone. And i shouldn’t be.

All of this can boil down to one very simple rule:

1. Trust yourself; trust your body.

Schedule Template for work outs

Monday:  30 minutes of cardio and toning together (cardio should be light-moderate)
Tuesday August 6th – 30 minutes of moderate cardio (bike, aerobics, flow fusions)
Wednesday August 7th – 5 minute warm up + 20 minute upper body and lower work out + 5 minutes cool down
Thursday August 8th: 15 minutes of cardio work (bike, aerobics) + 15 core work
Friday August 9th: 30 minutes of moderate cardio (bike, aerobics, flow fusions)
Saturday: 5 minute warm up + 20 minute upper body and lower work out + 5 minutes cool down
Sunday: Yoga and stretches



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