Happiness and Happenings.

Typically I am not hugely into these kinds of posts, but due to recent questions by a certain few, I thought I may do for myself.

Before I go any further into this, I want to state two things:
1. I do not claim that I live the ideal healthy life, and
2. I am not at all suggesting that this is how your lifestyle should be.

A Day in my Life

5:30 – I wake up. I used to wake up at 4:30, but now I am letting myself sleep in an extra hour, waking naturally. I tend to wake early though.

5:40-6:10 – 30 minute work out of choice

6:10 – I get read, shower, etc.

6:40ish – I eat breakfast which is usually oatmeal


It always appears in a Belle mug.

7-9 – I usually write on my blog, chat to people, tidy the house, etc. Then, even with a decent size breakfast, I often get very hungry. I think this is due to the fact that I work out on an empty stomach. So I’ll grab a snack. Usually a piece of fruit, yogurt and some nuts.

9ish – Usually I’ll leave the house if I feel cabin feverish (which I often do). Or, I’ll go to work.

1PM – I usually end my outing at Chatpers, so I can catch a ride home with my mother.

1:30 – I eat some lunch. It’s always a salad, tuna wrap, sweet potato and broccoli with hummus and yogurt. I try to get in all food groups.


 this bad boy was chicken, hummus, mushroom, pear, balsamic and cucumber on a bed of spinach

2-4 Typically I spend time with my mother or whatnot. Do some work on the computer (probably more writing on my blog). Or, I’ll just get home from work.

4:30 – I prepare dinner. If I will have a later dinner, I usually have a snack around 3PM of veggies and hummus, or some tuna and crackers. Sometimes I have a little bit of each, depending on my hunger levels.

Between 5:30 and 6:30 – Typically supper lays somewhere in here. Supper is always in two parts for me:
Part one: a large salad with meat (chicken or fish) (see picture above… something similar)
Part two: Is almost always a yogurt bowl with fruit, nuts and  a little granola, some crumbled up bar… just a little mix of all things sweet. :)

6:00 – 9:30 – Usually after dinner I watch TV or a movie. :) I love keeping my evenings nice and simple.

Before I go to bed I always have a drink of almond milk with a big scoop of sunflower seed butter. I just – I need to.

As for my work outs. I’ve toned them down a lot.

Sunday: 30 minutes of light detoxifying yoga. This is my “active rest” day.

Monday: 15 minutes of cardiovascular intervals (walk/jog) + 15 minutes of flow yoga.

Tuesday: 30 minutes barre exercises, total body tone.

Wednesday: 30 minutes steady state cardio of choice at a moderate effort (bike, walking intervals, any videos that are not too intense).

Thursday: 20 minutes of lower body toning (barre or yoga toning) + 10 minutes of flow yoga.

Friday: 10 minutes of cardio work + 20 minutes arms and abs (barre or pilates or yoga toning)

Saturday: 30 minutes steady state cardio work at a moderate level

The point of this is not to suggest that this is how one should work out, but this is what works for me right now. The important thing to remember in terms of your diet and fitness regime, do what makes YOU happy. No one else is important. No ‘fitspirational’ message found on Pinterest or otherwise.


It is images like this that make my stomach turn. You know, if you’re turned… it might be your body begging you to stop. So, stop. Listening to you’re body has far more rewarding benefits. Maybe you’ll have a rock-hard body, but trust me, you won’t be happy. You’ll be ‘happy’, but you’ll be exhausted. Listen to your body.

Stop comparing, stop listening at this, excuse my language, bull-poo. Listen to your body.
Really, who is more important to you? Some random person who had too much fun with paint. or you and your body?

Where is this coming from?

A few days ago I had an amazing feeling rush over me. I will not get into detail, but essentially it became very evident to me that writing this blog is no going in vain. Something happen which reminded me why I write here. The moment this happened, I cried. I was filled with more joy than you can ever understand. In fact, in so many ways, it pushed me to want to get even better. This caused me to recall the days when I would sit and read others work outs and diets, or look at this ‘fitspiration’ images and apply them to myself. It was so tiring. I decided I needed to be vegan, then lightly paleo (grains are apparently the devil…), then it was all about getting into HIIT training and making sure every minute counted. No… every second. It did not matter to my that I was feeling… miserable. I was sweating. So I was ‘happy’.

I am not perfect. I am not an image of health. I am just a girl who loves yoga and barre and eating well.

Just be you. Whoever that is. :)


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