Quick: A moderately large shift.

I have been an avid reader of blogs for a few years now. I have spent many days watching girls develop, growing into beautiful women, successful and confident. One thing I have noticed amid these individuals is a turning point. Whether it be in there academic careers, or in their relationship with exercise or food, all of these girls have had ‘aha’ moments, or drastic switches in their lives. 

I always thought, ‘I love how set I am in my life. I know who I am… I know what I want’. Well, turns out… I really did not know who I was. Nor did I know what I really wanted. 

In my other post, regarding my future confusion, I made it clear that I was feeling somewhat insecure in my choices attaining a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology. First of all, I am not downing psychology, nor am I downing a BA. I think both are amazing things to attain. But, I am also not… naive. Getting a BA in Psychology is only useful in the event that you plan to go further, specifically in the world of academia or clinical work.

Well, after a lot of self-thought, two things I know is this: I don’t want to be a doctor or psychologist. Why? I do not have a specific reason. Do I want to help people? Yes, of course. But, for some reason, the idea of making my living as a psychologist has never seemed appleaing to me. Perhaps, I myself, am too soft an individual to be able to take on other’s issues, as well as my own. This is something that became very clear to me doing volunteer work with women. I would take things home.

Similarly, I do not  have any interest in spending x amount of my career furthering research in psychology. As much as the idea of educating people, I would not like the stress of consistently be publicized on my findings in my area of expertise.

So, where did that leave me?

Well, that left me exactly where I was before:

A third year University student, enrolled in a Bachelor of Psychology degree, who aspires to one day be a yoga/wellness therapist and life coach, who owns and operates her own wellness center/yoga studio.

I decided to talk to Baba about it, as well as my parents. The whole thing weight heavily on my mind. I just felt like a BA in Psych was so ‘up in the air’. So, I turned to my academic calendar. Baba had suggested a minor in Business. Why? Because I want to open up my own business one day, and I would like to work in a business-like setting, to ensure solid income, while getting my yoga credentials as well as wellness counseling certificate. It seems reasonable.

Then I saw it:

Certificate in Human Resource Management, Psychology Option. 

My college offered a supplement to my degree in Human Resource Management, which just happens to be exactly what interests me in regards to business. That, and marketing. 


I am somewhat nervous. The idea of ‘business’ has always echoed in my mind. First my interest in tourism (a business), and opening up my own B and B (business), or my desire to run my own photography business (obviously, a business), to my interest in wedding and event planning (business); then, you have my desire to work in a hotel (which, is a business) and then my interest in working a bank (money, and business), to my end goal of owning my wellness center and yoga studio (a definite business). Due to my fear of math, I refused to pursue it. This – to me – seems like the optimal compromise: human resources, management and psychology.

Honestly, the psychology of business is quite fascinating. During a session amid my volunteer work, we discussed the idea of business and money. We discussed marketing and financing and for some reason, I was so engaged. Not to mention, at work, I loved training new employees more than anything. I told my manager on several occasions if he needed someone to train… I would do it. The idea of making the training process as fun and interesting as possible for the new-comer was… ideal.

So, there you have it.

Effectively immediately, I will not only be further my psychology career, but my business career as well. I feel this creates a more concrete and stable Bachelor’s Degree choice.


Then, I was told that it looks amazing by employers. Done deal.


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