april fifteenth

I have always found the scholastic memories to be – by far – the most enjoyed. Thinking back to the innocent days of my youth provide me with a much needed mental asylum. Today not only was I able to remember my past days, but I was also provided with the great ability to walk the corridors of my once loved high school. Echoes of my friend’s laughter lingered as I paced the hall; visual residue lay before me, acting as reminders of my previous hang-out spots. The recollections left me with a bittersweet feeling deep within myself.

As I approached my destination, my heart started to pound a bit faster. I had be so excited. Today was the day I had scheduled a meeting with a former educator of mine – and furthermore, a friend. Since today I had not seen this particular man in several years, excluding one or two casual run-ins at my place of employment. Today, however; today was the first time I would truly be able to talk with him, no aprons or desks amid. 

If you have ever watched a movie, or read a book, which documented an teacher who made the lives of several individuals more bright, you’d be reading a fictional example of this man. Never has a man been so caring or thoughtful of his students, which is something you can tell by just looking at him: pure kindness.

What struck me as most incredible was our discussion. I was not spoken to as a student, but more as a colleague. Not to suggest that in the past he had treated me (or anyone, for that matter) as ‘younger’, but this was the first time him and I spoke, that I had felt personally more… matured. We discussed our spirituality, growth, past struggles and goals – his for the school, mine for my future. I told him of my holistic interests, and devotion to yoga and health; he told me of his love of God and religion, and the strength it has given him through his years. The conversation took me back to my days reading ‘Tuesday’s with Morrie” as a young girl, as he bestowed upon me wisdom, which I enjoyed with every syllable. 

Though the notion of sitting and exchanging in these very topics would have been – for me – a perfect way to spent my morning, our meeting did not come with intention. As part of my goals to pursue a career in holistic counseling, I plan to get first my BA and MA in Social Work. In order to accomplish this, I must get three letters of reference – one of which, I wanted from him. Together we discussed all that is great of me, and then he wrote a brilliant note, detailing why I would be an asset both to the school program and the career.

The whole hour and a half was wonderful. I laughed, at moments held back tears, but felt completely comfortable to commit to full disclosure. When has questioned whether my dramatic weight loss was done healthily, instead of lying, I replied with: 


Similarly, he opened up to me about things which I had always wanted to discuss with him: a beautiful story which is his to share, not mine.

Someday, I hope to be as thoughtful and caring a person as he. It is individuals like him who urge me to want to help others in the world. The ones who smile and make everything just seem… okay. I truly am glad that I had the opportunity to discuss with him and truly hope to have the chance to again.




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