april tenth

I am officially on ‘break’. I still have exams, yes, but all-in-all, I am done for four long months.

Most students would see this as an amazing thing. Me? Not so much. Instead, I’m left with a pit in my stomach begging me to quickly think of things to do to make those four months fly. After a lot of considering, I’ve come up with a few goals I have for myself over the next four months:

  1. Read four books, at least. Yesterday I mentioned a book I am currently reading, but neglected to give it a name. The name of that book is Throwaway Daughter. It follows a young Chinese girl, who travels to China in order to unveil bits of her origins which have been kept from her. The story jumps from the present time, through the eyes of the girl herself, to the past, looking at the inner thoughts of not only the adoptive parents, but the ones who gave the girl away. This will be book one. I’d like to read: Bringing in Finn, A Teaspoon of Land and Sea, February, Wild and more. This year I’ve been so focused on reading textbooks that my pleasure reading has fallen. So, this summer it is on.
  2. Start volunteer work. I’ve arranged a meeting with two separate organizations, and have one pending. I have decided that my academics are in a good place and now it is time to start revisiting the non-academic world. As much as I’d like to say that my motives are completely selfless, I am also very dedicated to being accepted into Dalhousie University’s Social Work school within the next few years. As a result, I do need to increase my volunteer time. However in looking into different programs,  I’ve become more interested in doing it to do it, rather than being interested in proving something of myself.
  3. Exercise more self-belief. I have a very difficult time giving myself true, wholehearted praise or accepting when I do something well. Instead, I assume there was a confusion. Someone somewhere made an error and I reaped the benefits. Alternatively, I am the first one to name my faults. This summer I am going to actively work on being more comfortable with being confident.
  4. Continue my novel, or start a new one. Or both. Over the Christmas break, I began writing a story about two women (one, a masters student in Criminology, the other a tired attorney) and the bonds that grew between them during a five month co-op program. Adjacent to this was (I amsure you assumed) a murder mystery. I want to continue that thought process, but begin a new story with a different tone.
  5. Start baking dog treats and donating them to animal shelters.
  6. Start my ‘three a day’ plan at work. In the past, I made a point to make at least three people leave work feeling more confident. Typically, this is women. Sometimes it is men, but it becomes somewhat tricky to ensure they know I am not hitting on them. Usually I’ll wait until I get a customer who looks tired, forgotten, sad… you name it. Then, instead of just letting them be, I’ll say something that most people do not say, but think. I never lie, I only open up completely. For example, if a girl has beautiful eyes. I will tell her. At first, they’re usually shocked. Then, after the immediate ‘woah’ factor wears, all that’s left is a true smile. Two weeks ago I started this up again. The benefits are two-fold: (1) It makes them happy and (2) it makes my day go by a lot faster.
  7. Do research on scholarships.
  8. Look to see if you can find any photography classes with focus. Namely, infant and pregnancy. : )
  9. Diligently work on organizing a very compelling proposal to present regarding my ideas of a thesis paper.While I might not be at SMU long enough to actually do one, my plan B is to complete my degree at SMU, with honors and thesis. This will keep doors open for me.
  10. Help mama more! Encourage her to bake!
  11. Practice yoga, Qigong and other forms of holistic exercise more often.
While this is not an exhaustive list, it is a tentative idea of what will make my four month break… a great one.

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