april seventh

Sometimes the feeling casts over you. You cannot explain it, or even comprehend it… it just surrounds you. When this happens, you’re left with two choices:

  1. Listen to the urge and given into  desire;
  2. Fight the urge and never know what you could have been.
I’ve decided to listen.
While I know through the years I have started and abandoned a great number of blogs, each time I do it there are reasons which support the move. To me, every blog I make has a mission-statement tacitly attached, so I would feel as if I were somehow betraying that blog by taking a totally new approach. While my musings have never been an attraction to a vast slew of people, I still feel that being true to my outlet a very important part of writing.
In other words:
I be changing the blog, because I be changing the what the blog be about!
In the post which proceeded this, I discussed my changing over the past six months. After writing it, I decided I wanted to use this summer to write more. First I thought I’d just write on Facebook via notes until I really thought about how annoying that might be to people who honestly don’t give two figs. So, then I decided I’d restart my blog ‘withahintofhoney’. Only when I looked at it, I no longer saw me. I saw the girl who – a year ago – wanted nothing more than to be over her illness, but who’s words were underlined with the ‘I’m really not that much better, yet’ message. I did not want to be associated with that anymore. I wanted to start something new.
The older blog seemed to revolve about one thing: fitness. While I love fitness, this past year has taught me so much more about life. I do not want to write about merely fitness anymore. I do not want my blog to be associated with work outs or recipes. This is going to my place to bring about happiness and wellness. A wellness blog, rather than a health blog.Maybe you’re thinking, ‘health… wellness… same thing’. But the overall outlook of the two have evolved vary differently. Wellness, to me, suggests mind and body wellness, love for one’s self, love for one’s body; health suggests healthy food, workouts and so forth. Instead of being a place to urge health, I want to urge wellness. You may not still know what the difference is between the two, but that is arbitrary. My choices to do this need to understood by only me.
Expect to see writings about:
  1.  Personal growth
  2. Happy interacts with strangers
  3. Enjoyable books, studies, tidbits
  4. Adorable children stories
  5. Motivational inspirations
And much more…
Welcome to holistic symphony.

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